A pivotal moment that shifted everything in my life & business…

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Happy Friday!

Reporting back that I had a STELLAR b-day celebration with my brother and besties in the Chi celebrating the gift of being ALIVE!

Here are some highlights for ya…

Also, a little reminder that our bday ABC Retreat Flash Sale is still ON and we’re extending it out to next week because retreating is such a passion of mine – and I really want to highlight the importance of it and what it’s done for me over the years…

That being said, today I wanted to share a story about a pivotal moment that shifted everything for me in my business…

In the Fall of 2014, I attended a 3-day mastermind retreat in Charlotte, NC with my past biz coach Joanna Lindenbaum.

At the retreat, I was asked what my business looked like 3 years ago, and what my business would look like 3 years from now.

I was reflecting on how 3 years prior I was still in Health Coaching School and running my massage practice.

My 3-year out vision (which I thought was really 5+ years out) was to hold retreats and create transformational experiences on the land I lived on.

Then Joanna asked us if we’d be willing to have that (3 year out) vision 1 year from now…

My immediate response was, “It’s not possible.”

But when you’re being held accountable at a retreat, if they’re skilled, the coach or guide will most likely help you debunk your limiting beliefs, and help you to get curious about what might be possible instead.

That moment piqued my curiosity, and in just 9 short months, I went from dreaming about leading retreats on the land I lived on, to DOING IT.

I ended up leading over 100 retreats that alone generated hundreds of thousands in revenue, a Women’s music, art & dance festival called Our Loud Hearts and really lived out my dream in Petaluma – and now I’m bringing that magic to the Midwest.

But I know that if I hadn’t been at that retreat, and asked that question that caused me to dream and think sooooo much BIGGER than I could have dreamt by myself, it’s doubtful I would have ever moved to Petaluma and had one of the most incredible experiences of my life to date!

Point being… it PAYS in soooo many ways to get out of your comfort zone behind your own closed doors, invest and show up for yourself, and get yourself into the rooms where the “downloads”, connections, next big idea, or $ move can be made.

This is about you stepping away from all of the DOING in your business or your life, and allowing yourself to RECEIVE – which leads to INSPIRATION.

And with all of that said, I invite you to join me for one (or more) of our transformational retreat experiences this year (we have a few babes in this community who’ve signed up for 5 – customization is available and we’ll of course offer a special rate if that’s the case). <3

2 upcoming retreats that I want to highlight right now are:

For you fempreneurs & side-hustle starters in the house, I’m leading an immersive 2-day mastermind retreat in Petaluma, CA May 16th-17th to ELEVATE your business, confidence, and strategic action plan for the second half of 2024. Coming to this retreat will result in you knowing what you’re doing in your business, when you’re doing it, and how you’re going to actualize it for the next 6-12 months. We’re offering $500 off the retreat for the next 2 weeks only, and you can secure your spot HERE.

I’M SO EXCITED to share that the ABC community is retreating to the SOUTH OF FRANCE in October! This is a bucket list opportunity to embody your feminine power, rewire your old conditioning, and CULTIVATE the life you’re meant to live in the charming village of Montrejeau, at Maison Bonne Rive – a SERENE French country home & creativity retreat space. Think of this as a luxe, yet super intentional South of France vacay with a community of rad & inspiring women. We’re offering $500 off the retreat for the next 2 weeks only, and you can secure your spot HERE.

You can also book a call to explore one of these offerings with me personally by clicking this link HERE.

All right, beautiful community, as always thanks so much for listening to what I have to share, and sending so much love your way!


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