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The Queens Of Our Women Run Company

Ashley Burnett has been running creative businesses and leading groups for the past 20 years, and currently serves this powerhouse community as a women’s business and leadership coach, circle + retreat facilitator, dance party starter and earth-based ritualist.

She lives in the sweet little town of Petaluma, CA, located an hour north of San Francisco in Sonoma County, and has the pleasure of running her retreats at her workshop space on 22 acres of expansive land.

When she's not holding a retreat or coaching her clients, you'll most likely find her hiking with her sweet little one - Quintin, busting out a late night dance jam, practicing yoga, gardening with her hubby Dave or making herbal potions in her old school kitchen.

Ashley Burnett, Women's Business and Leadership Coach + Ashley Burnett + Co (ABC) Founder

Emily joined our team in early 2022 as our online business manager. With 10+ years of experience in management of teams and operations in online entrepreneurial businesses, she aims to provide structure & ease to systems and processes while also fostering an encouraging and compassionate teamwork atmosphere. Emily is lit up by automation systems, organizational tools, and top-level communication.

Emily is also a certified Ontraport consultant and trained yoga teacher, but most importantly she is mama to two beautiful young boys who fill her heart with love and her pockets with toy cars.

Emily Powell, ABC Online Business Manager

Born with their Mercury in Capricorn in their 11th house of community and friends has set Rani up as a community weaver from birth. As a first-generation, gender ocean, queerish being hailing from deep Indian roots, bringing people together and nurturing relationships that last long beyond initial meetings and their involvement is a talent that has been nourished throughout their life.

Originally a virtual assistant on the ABC team back in 2015, their role has shifted with her learnings and life experiences. They facilitate the virtual side of our retreats, run our member's forums, and help our clients hone new tools to create rituals based on client's own ancestry. Rani also brings nearly 30 years of practice in yoga & meditation to our team which helps her hold space for our community as they move through transitions within our programs.

They are a lover of all things poetry, Mehandi, radical intentional rest, science, salt water, social justice, health equity, knitting, and backyard fire pit parties with their three offspring, sweet niece, friends, and pets.

Rani MacNeal, ABC Community Care Coordinator and Virtual Retreat Assistant

Monica Lucero aka "Moni" has played an integral role as a Program Assistant for ABC for the past 7 years. She is our core Neuro-Linguistic Programming “NLP” Coach, specializing in limiting belief work and cognitive behavioral strategies.

Born and raised in the Bay, with Native Heritage, she was exposed to women’s circles, Native American ceremonies, grassroots California culture, and Buddhist Meditation Practices from an early age. Pre-Covid, she ran a private practice as a Cranio-Sacral Therapist, Reiki Master, intuitive healer, and NLP Coach over the course of 8 years.

When not assisting Ashley Burnett + Co events, Moni is a Director of Operations at a Private Equity Firm, Waldorf Auntie, and dog Mom in San Francisco, CA.

Monica Lucero, ABC Core Coach + Retreat and Program Assistant

Amy D Marie is a Certified Coach and Strategist who supports our clients in creating their own personal business blueprint by diving deep and focusing on scaling their business through systems, workflows and business strategy. She is passionate about supporting women, helping them create financial independence, and loves being an integral part of Ashley Burnett + Co.

When she isn't making magic at ABC, she's supporting other heart-centered entrepreneurs to step into their role of CEO and scale their businesses without burnout.

Amy is a nature girl and a dedicated coffee chewer who is obsessed with furry friends, sunshine, and Disney.

Amy D Marie, ABC Core Coach and Strategist

Ashley Bailey aka "Bailey" is our Creative Design and Tech Specialist. She holds 5+ years of experience as a Technical Support Virtual Assistant. She's a country-loving girl, born and raised in Texas, who takes care of the backend of the business making sure all programs, client accounts, and ABC designs are up to date and efficient.

She is a huge supporter of all humans - all sizes, shapes, ages, and shades. Her goal for Ashley Burnett + Co is to make sure the community gets what they need while feeling loved, supported, and encouraged every step of the way.

When not assisting Ashley Burnett +Co, she is supporting trauma-influenced youth and young adults with support in meditation & healing. She is also a Certified American Sign Language Interpreter to help the deaf community.

During Bailey's free time, you'll find her dancing off beat with her daughters, laughing while watching comedy shows with her husband, or drinking an ice-cold glass of sweet tea while listening to mystery podcasts late at night.

Ashley Bailey, (goes by Bailey) ABC Creative Design and Tech Specialist Assistant + Joy Specialist

Mari-Ange recently joined our team in July 2022. She is a multi-passionate creative residing in Los Angeles who has worked in publishing, media, and the communications industry for over 13 years. She brings a holistic approach to her work, having experienced the field of humanities in a myriad of ways.

Her storytelling interests are broad-based and include writing, performing, and behind-the-scenes consultancy work for womxn led, heart-centered small businesses that seek to honor the sacred feminine. She holds an undergraduate degree in Fashion Styling and Creative Direction from the Istituto Marangoni in Milan is a graduate of the Stella Adler Conservatory in New York and holds a Master's degree In text and performance from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art and the Birkbeck University of London.

A devotee of Gaia, when Mari is not working, she can be found sitting in a circle with her priestess sisters, dancing salsa, or whispering her poetry to the roses in the neighborhood. Privileged as she is to call the rich, saucy, colorful melting pot that is Trinidad and Tobago her home, she's passionate about inclusivity, equity, the celebration of cultural diversity... and yes, playing dress-up in her closet, too!

Mari-Ange Ramirez, ABC Customer Care & Communications Specialist

Mira Nussbaum is our beloved seasonal chef for our retreats and women's circles. Cooking is Mira's passion and her mission is to thoroughly nourish your body, mind and spirit... And indeed she does - her food is truly incredible, and she weaves the energy and intention of each retreat into her culinary creations!

Mira honors the sacred process of cooking and eating, seeing it as magic and medicine - connecting us to the earth, to our bodies, and to each other. And she invites us all to take some time during each meal to feel the food fill us with life...yes please! We're so grateful for her presence at our events and for her culinary brilliance!

Mira Nussbaum, ABC Farm-to-Table Seasonal Chef + Food Educator

Desiree S. Coleman is supporting our team in redefining our diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) practices, evolving our community culture & launching inclusive programming.

Her consulting practice utilizes workshops, coaching, equity focused analysis, organizational assessments, and leadership team consultation to clarify organizational goals and operationalize DEI values.

As we are committed to being a part of creating long-term systemic change, we're deeply grateful for her wisdom and the guidance she provides our community.

Desiree S. Coleman, ABC Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Consultant

Ansley Fones is the mastermind behind our gorgeous website, and designs all of our marketing materials throughout the year - our Queen eBook, all of our worksheets and resources, flyers, pdf's, you name it!

When she’s not designing and building beautiful websites and docs for ABC or her other clients, she’s playing way too much Dungeons & Dragons, throwing a ball for her wonderful pup, inhaling television, off at happy hour with her long-term partner Danny, or most likely sleeping.

Ansley Fones, ABC Website + Brand Designer + Developer