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Love Notes from Our Beloved Community

“Working with Ashley and her incredible heart-centered team has changed everything for me. I am taking what I learn here and applying it not only to my business but to my life as a whole. The benefits are vast and continue to grow as I do. There is some serious magic happening here!

Ashley Burnett + Co has taught me how to embrace a more feminine, pleasure-based approach to building a business. I learned that we can in fact have it all. They offer life-changing womxn’s circles, (both in-person and virtual) and rituals that can be integrated into your everyday life - and you will receive the tools to help uplift and sustain your energetics in entrepreneurship.

They are always keeping the vibe high, but grounded in reality. Language and programming are intentional and inclusive, and the beauty of the ABC Community is that you can show up in any way, and you will always be held and allowed to be just as you are. You can vocalize your needs, wants, and desires, and you can ask for specific support around your business or how to shift out of limiting beliefs. To dream and ultimately live your best life. I couldn't have asked for anything more... ”

-Heather Leveroni, Holistic Strength Coach & Founder of Wild Child Strength, Chico, CA

“When I began working with Ashley Burnett + Co, I had been managing my business on a grass-roots level for nearly 20 years and was ready to take it to the next level. I joined her Unleash Your Impact program and began to look at how I could consolidate, concentrate, and catapult myself to the next level. In this program, I was able to pull it together and gain clarity on my vision. That was the first major shift for me in working with ABC.

I've grown so much through working with Ashley and the ABC team, and as a result, I am more confident, prepared, and powerful as a budding business owner. I've been able to grow and develop my programs to the next level while preparing myself for the next step in business development. And, I’m deeply appreciative of this opportunity to create change and make shifts happen in my life, business, and world. May your work with ABC reward you ten-fold!

The Uninhibited Mastermind is on another level. On an inner level, I'm growing, healing, and learning more about myself as a woman, leader, and sister than I ever expected from this experience. On an outer level, I'm becoming the business owner and bad-ass money maker I wanna be by conquering my fears and forging ahead with grace, peace, and patience. It's a journey, not a destination, and I feel guided by ABC.

The ritual and retreat work is a beautiful, organic, and fantastic way to integrate the hard work I've done in the program. Ashley’s retreat space is beautiful, the connections so pure and lively, and the food at the retreats is AMAZING.

I've been able to grow and develop my programs to the next level while preparing myself for the next step in business development. And, I am deeply appreciative of this opportunity to create change and make shifts happen in my life, business, and world. May your work with ABC reward you ten-fold!”

-Kali Ma Nicole, Emotional Wellness Educator + Yoga Teacher, Petaluma, CA

"Ashley is such a powerful woman that is full of joy and wisdom! I could feel how supported I was at every moment by her and her team, and I would always find so much clarity and motivation after every session either with her, Amy, or Monica. It’s such an amazing team that always had my back, and I am so grateful to all of them, and everyone behind the scenes.

They gave me many tools to be able to work towards my goals, and especially the motivation and support I needed - and I implemented things faster and better because of that. I appreciate how many doors have opened up for me during this whole process, and I am so grateful to Ashley and the whole team for making me see how important the work that I do is - and to fully own it!

I am forever grateful to Ashley and the ABC team! This has been amazing, and I am so happy to be part of this incredible community!!!"

-Sabrina Vega Adaui - Functional Health Coach + Yoga/Meditation Teacher, San Francisco, CA

"Through the Soulstice Sisterhood, I've found such incredible value in building relationships with other women. At first, I wasn’t sure about committing to a full year, but as a result, I feel I have created deep bonds with my sisters. I also value the safe space we create where I can be seen, heard, and witnessed. I loved having consistent rituals, songs, prayers, and dancing at every gathering, and enjoyed the space at the beginning of each session to check-in, share and listen.

Through this experience, I am now more confident. I can see what is possible for me. I see what is available beyond the status quo. I try things on. I call in abundance. I am inspired…and I also have a deeper love supporting my fellow sistah's successes!"

I also value your strong leadership skills, Ashley. It takes a lot to hold space and I feel held when I am in your circle. Thank you so so much for your support and friendship! You are awesome. You are a powerful leader with a strong presence. Thank You, Thank you!"

Lorraine Perez, Yoga Instructor + High School Spanish Teacher, Santa Rosa, CA

"Hiring Ashley was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I was feeling called to shift my coaching & retreat business into some new directions… but I kept putting off the steps I knew I needed to take! This was a clear signal that I needed a mentor or guide.

Why Ashley? One of my intentions was to experience more ease and flow in my business and life. I saw her dancing on Facebook and got a hit that I should contact her. We hopped on the phone, and she made sure I was ready and committed to moving forward with my vision. I could feel the powerful loving space she could hold and was a full-bodied YES right away.

One of the most powerful experiences of our time together was the visioning session we had at her retreat center. Walking in, I felt held, safe, and loved. It brought me to tears. Ashley walked me through a powerful process that left me feeling clear and confident about moving forward. Within a few months, and with her support, I simplified my business, saying no to opportunities that no longer aligned, and welcoming ideal clients into a program that feels fun and easeful to deliver. As a result, my income is consistently double what it was, plus I’m enjoying more free time than ever!

And… I know how important ongoing support is to stabilize this new level of abundance in my life. So, I decided to join the Soulstice Sisterhood this year. I’m clear on my path and enjoying the support, ideas, and inspiration of the group alongside continued support from Ashley."

Blue Russ, Career Transition Coach, Flagstaff, AZ

"Ashley is one of the most genuine and loving people I know. She honestly cares about the success of everyone she encounters. Her knowledge, dedication, and general badass-ness is motivating, inspiring, and a blessing to be around. Working with her changed my life in ways I could not have imagined. I know to my bones that I would not be as successful or in the place, I am now with my business and life without her guidance and support.

As a result of our work together, I’ve filled my therapy practice to capacity and am supporting myself, and my daughter. I feel confident in my abilities, am continuing to build a monthly women’s circle, and have truly accomplished what I set out to do a year and a half ago."

Melissa Sanchez, Licensed Therapist + Dance/Movement Therapist, Chicago, IL.

"What’s positively shifted for me and my business through working with Ashley is recognizing my inner queen confidence, and that I have something of high value to offer. I'm inspired in my business to create experiential offerings and put myself out there in a bigger and brighter way for my mission and purpose.
Through her program, I’ve enjoyed all of the small group brainstorming aspects, and has been so helpful, and inspiring to hear what other women entrepreneurs are up to and their missions.
I really appreciate Ashley and her team, and all of their classes and hard work. If you’re considering stepping forward into one of her programs, take the leap! It will only be to your benefit to learn new business tools and receive the support to grow and re-inspire your business!"

Courtney Besser, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, Yoga Instructor, Denver, CO

"Through working with Ashley, I have gained more clarity and confidence in who I am and what I stand for - and the in-person retreat I attended on her gorgeous property was literally one of the best solo weekends of my life.

During our time working together, I found my true calling manifested in the vision I first saw for myself but initially discarded because I couldn’t see how to get there.

I felt like I had a supportive and authentic mentor routing for me every step of the way, not only with emotional support but also with tactical business and marketing support. I got the best of both worlds!

Ashley is extremely skilled at what she does, is trustworthy, and of high integrity, and I highly recommend working with her if you are committed to honing your heart-centered work to help make the world a better place!"

Amanda Schneider, Executive Director, Amplify Voices

"Through working with Ashley I’ve gained so much embodied clarity of my vision and purpose. I have a better handle on time because of the tools, support, and deeply personal work I’ve acquired through her program, and I have an actual roadmap of my work for next year that I’m so excited to create & share!

Having the community online through our group video sessions, and in-person for our experiential retreats was amazing because it provided multifaceted ways of learning, accountability, and growth.

And I LOVED our retreats. They provided such a nourishing, soulful container that was rooted in love, intuition, and authenticity. The content, pacing and structure were all spot on, and I enjoyed the leadership embodiment pieces and visioning aspects because both are such an important part of the entrepreneurial journey. Loved this experience so much, and love you!

Venessa Rodriguez, Functional Nutritionist, Williams, OR

"Through working with Ashley, I’ve discovered that I have so much more strength than I give myself credit for, and her journaling exercises always had me coming back to my higher, most confident self. I appreciate Ashley’s kind, gentle, & compassionate approach to coaching, and her ability to help us really embody what we we're learning. And her community is a truly loving, peaceful and respectful community. I love the women in her circle, and I always, always come away feeling refreshed, alive, and nourished after a gathering with them.”

Leslie Castanda, RN & Wellness Coach, EL Sobrante, CA

"I've finally started my own business, and the Soulstice Sisterhood has been an invaluable part of making that dream a reality.

The inspiring female entrepreneurs, women, and leaders, the questions I've been asked throughout our retreats and gatherings to tune into, and dropping into myself as a fearless, bold and authentic leader has helped encourage me to finally take the leap.

This program has been AMAZING and I'm so grateful to have been a part of it!"

Natalie Holbrook, Los Angeles, CA

"Ashley is a fierce, focused, true powerhouse. She has a wide range of gifts to share with those lucky to cross her path and has truly taken the time to master them all.

From teaching people how authentically express themselves and powerfully communicate their truth, her ability to lead groups in ritual, and facilitate and make space for true sisterhood to emerge between women, her being is a gift and a true blessing to the world that is now emerging."

Nina ‘Grae’ Porter, Singer/Songwriter, Los Angeles, CA

"In my time working with Ashley and being supported by the incredible women of her leadership circle, I’ve been able to deepen into my message of divine devotion to self care, creating spaciousness, and really thriving in my life - even in the midst of the hardest 9 months of my life as a mother.

I have been able to honor what was being asked of me as a mother of a son who is struggling, to honor and commit to my own soul-care and self-care, and continue to pour myself into supporting women in my work. Finding that balance has been a consistent thread in my own life and is something I’m passionate about empowering women to embrace in their lives… Also, Being in retreat with Ashley on her land is SO magical + special, light + fun, deep + expansive…it’s soul igniting, and you cannot help but want to be around her!"

Laura Lee, Transformational Coach + Women’s Circle Leader, Nashville, TN

"The most valuable aspect of the Soulstice Sisterhood has been the gradual and deep learning around the different times of the year. Exploring the theme, discussions, relevant rituals, and even colors that correlate with different parts of the year have now been ingrained in me.

I know how to guide myself next year - when it’s time to rest, time to plant seeds, time to celebrate, time to harvest, and time to let go.

I'm a lot more clearer, feel way more supported, and feel like I'm the most aligned that I have ever been. I also feel focused, as if my year was a complete story and not a series of events."

Alaina Hernandez, Despacho Ceremonialist, Sebastopol, CA

"Through working with Ashley, I've not only connected with other women who are on a similar path as mine, but I've also gained a deeper, clearer vision of the work that I do, and want to be doing.

Through the process of one-on-one coaching, I've gained clarity as to what I want my business to look like, and I've been able to focus on exactly what inspired steps to take toward that vision. And, the group experience has opened me up to adding more rituals into my life, has inspired me to connect with a broader audience, and helped me confidently push my work in new directions.

I feel stronger for just knowing the group is there, and have a sense that the connection we share will last long after the program's completion. Thank you so much, Ashley!"

Laurel Kinney, Personal Stylist, Austin, TX

"In terms of what’s shifted for me positively through the Soulstice Sisterhood? Everything! So much has opened in my life due to this work, including career, creative expression, sharing my message, and personal connections. Through this program I began monitoring, honoring, and working with my emotional, spiritual and physical energy, intentionally for the first time in my life. The result has been a recovery and discovery of my ability to feel joy and bliss - as well as lifelong tools for managing life's many colors of emotion and experience.

It is extremely healing to be consciously aware of seasons and cycles and how they affect us. It feels incredible to be embracing the natural ebb and flow of the seasons and cycles, and honoring our response to these deeply ingrained patterns as opposed to fighting and resisting the natural flow of expansion and contraction, death, and rebirth.

Almost invariably I have huge spiritual, emotional, and physical revelations and shifts at Ashley's retreats. The celebration of food and libations with a vibrant group of women was a much-needed source of connection in my life. Looking at the life I am currently creating - and acknowledging how a deep and supported journey of holistic growth and healing through the Soulstice Sisterhood, has opened the path for me to a creatively aligned life… makes me extremely grateful for every tear shed and every moment of connection and sharing that has occurred in this brilliant experience!"

Alison Harris, Singer/Songwriter, Sebastopol, CA

"Ashley is incredibly inspiring and is fiercely committed to supporting women in strengthening their leadership in their businesses and personal lives. She’s trustworthy, direct, loving and has a unique ability to passionately hold her clients accountable, while ensuring that they feel loved and respected.

As a result of working with Ashley, my confidence and clarity has reached new and unprecedented levels. I can see my old habits and limiting beliefs come out of the shadows to be named and begin to dissolve. I’ve become crystal clear on my vision for my music and for how I want to support myself through my offerings - which have in turn, created new income streams, signed on with a producer, and have created more structure for myself around my time and schedule, increasing my productivity.

Ashley holds a vision for the whole spectrum of the beautiful life that I am creating for myself - and because we work from this place of integrity, I’ve not only made shifts in my business but also in my personal life that will have a long lasting positive impact. I am so grateful for the support and clarity this work has given me and am open and trusting of that which is to come."

Adrienne Shamszad, Singer/Songwriter, Oakland, CA

"Ashley is such an inspiration at what she offers and teaches. During our work together in the Uninhibited Leadership Program, I created a 9-month action plan that is coming alive now and witnessing the fruits of the action is simply fantastic! So empowering.

My confidence has shifted in such a way that I was able to present at a large gathering in front of hundreds of people and felt I shined like never before. It was amazing and the experience has given me the confidence I need in order to keep playing BIG to fulfill my dreams. I feel I’ve stepped way more in to my Queen energy through the rituals we explored together during our retreats and I LOVE THAT!

I so appreciate the sense of community that was created among the women who gathered from all across the country, and I needed the accountability aspect that was required of me to show up and do the work. Thank you so much Ashley and I’m looking forward to continuing our adventure together!”

Catherine Scherwenka, Meditation & Yoga Teacher, Las Vegas, NV

"After working with Ashley, I feel like a completely different person - so much more confident in myself and my actions. I’m loving myself, I’m caring for myself, I’m speaking up for myself, and not pushing difficult feelings away. I’m finally feeling and in touch with the root of me, recognize when I’m going into my old patterns, and am aware enough to change them.

By doing this internal work, and developing the courage to share my work with other people, it’s making an impact with my community and is also changing their lives for the better…and I’ve built the confidence to take hold of my skills and my passion and put them into my work."

Mona Abutaleb, Life Alignment Guide + Small Business Consultant, Oakland, CA

"Thank you so much for the love and community shared during our group gathering – when I first walked in I went through so many emotions: fear of not fitting in, being judged, and judging, and I left feeling unconditional love, community, free spirits and zero judgment from myself and all of the amazing women that were present. You are a wonderful leader, community builder, and a profound stand for women expressing their greatness. I have so much gratitude."

Sherri B, Health and Wellness Coach, Alameda, CA

"Ashley is there to support you and moreover, to empower you to go after what you truly want in your life.

When I started working with Ashley I felt really stuck in my life and in my business. As a creative person, I had so many ideas and avenues I wanted to explore, but I was having trouble articulating my vision and moving forward with it.

With her help, I’ve gained clarity about what I want out of my life, and the direction I want it to go and have greatly reduced the hold that fear had on me just a few short months ago.

I’m happy to say that after just a few short months, I’m leaving my job, have refocused my energies in the areas I am passionate about (theater, performing, and writing), expanded my opportunities, and shifted the direction of my business."

Kristina Rivera, Massage Therapist + Reiki Practitioner, Kansas

"Before I met Ashley, I didn’t have a business and now my practice is full! When we first began working together, my business was a nebulous thing with about thirty different focuses and no momentum. By becoming clearer about my vision, my brand, and how to monetize my mission, I’ve become a person who loves her job!

I feel so much more confident about going out there and getting clients, charging my full rate, and truly being myself in my coaching sessions. The people I’m working with are excited to work with me EXACTLY the way that I’ve put myself out there—they have a strong sense of who I am and what I do because the brand that Ashley and I refined together is truly authentic to me. I often find myself coming up with new ideas that feel totally in line with the cohesive vision we’ve created, and when that happens, I can’t wait to call Ashley again and continue working with her!

Ashley is also great at detecting BS. She has seen through the ways that I’ve tried to wiggle out of committing fully to myself and to my business, and she helps me move through my resistance to get to where I want to go…and all with a sense of humor! We’ve laughed together the whole way through, but we’re getting very serious work done at the same time."

Riyana Rose Sang, Seasonal Herbalist, Berkeley, CA

"We had an amazing time with Ashley at our offsite Wellness Retreat - we definitely bonded as a team, and were truly grateful for the experience. And on a personal level, I feel a greater sense of calmness this week even with the curve balls being thrown our way! "

Winnie Valenzuela Wong, VP Inventory Planning, SEPHORA, San Francisco

"Working with Ashley helped me get clear and grounded in where I wanted to take my business and how to live out my ideal day. During the course of our work together, I gained the clarity I needed to craft my authentic message, let go of self-made fears, and show up fully to do the work required to be where I wanted to be.

The techniques Ashley taught me were invaluable and I will go back to them again and again to re-ground and stay aligned with my vision. I recommend the experience of working with Ashley to any heart-driven lady entrepreneur who is ready to commit to following their calling."

Lori H. Ludwig, PhD, Performance Blueprints, Blowing Rock, NC

"After Ashley’s event, I felt free and even healed in some ways. In combination with my new diet change, prayer and Ashley's spirit led ritual, my kidney disease lab results had even improved. The positivity of others and my continued journaling and meditation has led to results I haven't seen in 2 years! I feel empowered, even after the event to go after my dreams and give myself love, respect and relaxation…thank you so much!"

Danielle T., Quincy, IL

"Working with Ashley has been a real eye-opener to the possibilities for my business and self. When we began our journey I had some emotional demons that were standing in my way from allowing my business to be all it could be. From the first session she helped me literally face myself in the mirror to become aware of my emotional walls. Suggested some books that were amazing and set me on track to no longer be stunting myself professionally.

After that first session my massage therapy business began to really take off. I believe when you start to put the positive energy into your craft people are attracted to that and swarm like flies. Ashley helped my organize and prioritize what my goals were, and in knowing I was going to be meeting with her regularly it made me keep on track to get tasks done. Its amazing what you accomplish when you have an accountability partner.

Ashley found a way, each session, to see areas that my business that could grow. Having Ashley be my cheerleader and brainstormer was my favorite part. She is so positive and encouraging, I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t benefit from her unique talent of bringing out the superstar in all of us.

Now my business is booked solid! I’ve got a brand new look for my site and my future is feeling very locked in. This process really ignited a solid direction I had for my business; hell it even helped produce some direction. Ashley really facilitates the space for growth on the highest level. I am eternally grateful for her presence and time spent and would recommend her highly."

Cambria Marshall, Licensed Massage Therapist, San Francisco, CA

"I thoroughly enjoyed our deep dive session together. I finally feel confident that what I’ve got is enough and something that people need. Thank you!! I greatly appreciate your insights and suggestions, kindness and wisdom. I’m getting sparks of creativity for new content each time I look at the notes from our session. I’m working on implementation on a daily, and can’t wait to reconnect soon!"

Deana Colman, Transformational Coach, Palm Springs, CA

"Having Ashley as my coach has helped me break through lingering fears that I’ve been dealing with for years. She’s helped me create a vision for myself that I so badly wanted, but didn’t know how to articulate.

In a supportive and empowering way, Ashley encouraged me to let go of perfectionism and self-judgment…two things that were really holding me back from achieving my goals.

You know those friends that make you feel so understood and like the best version of yourself? That’s what working with Ashley is like, but even better because she has the added bonus of stellar coaching skills to help you truly transform yourself."

Angela D., Certified Nutrition Consultant & Transformational Coach, San Francisco, CA

"I appreciate so much about having Ashley as my coach. I love that she truly listens to me in our sessions, and she gives me solid, actionable steps to implement after each session to grow my business forward. Her grounding energy helps me release my anxieties and her positivity and encouragement allows me to believe that anything and everything that I want my business to be, is possible.

After our sessions I feel lit up, energized and enthusiastic about my biz, and I know I can be successful! And after working with her for just a short while, I am much clearer of the direction I want to take, and feel so much more focused and grounded in my work."

Ashley’s support and unwavering belief in me has been so beneficial to my growth, and getting into action rather than just operating from the thinking mind has left me feeling centered, peaceful and jazzed about my biz.

Pegah Kadkhodaian, Transformational Coach, San Diego, CA

"The Uninhibited Leadership Program was one the most well organized and put into action group programs I’ve ever been in. I really felt like an important piece of the group and that I really belonged to the community that Ashley created.

This has been a very deep and transforming moment in my life. My business grew during this experience by finally finding my authentic voice and using it in a powerful way with leading my first retreat, redesigning my entire programming, and stepping out more on social media using video.
And my confidence strengthened massively.

As a result of our work together, when I started to turn inward more consistently instead of reaching out to find the answers, I was able to tap into my authentic self, and as a result, I trust myself more than ever before. I want to thank Ashley from the bottom of my heart for the compassion, courage, knowledge, and wisdom that she weaves into all she does."

- Tracy Rickard, Health Coach, Massage Therapist, Yoga Teacher, Orlando, FL

"Working with Ashley is one of the best investments I've made, not only for my business, but for myself as well. The group & retreat work we did together was invaluable as it helped me step out of my comfort zone and voice my work, desires and beliefs with my peers; something I've shied away from in the past.

Now I can proudly share that my practice is not only thriving with one on one work, but also with group work in the form of women's circles and self care workshops - and on a personal note, I feel more confident in my skin and able to use my voice in an empowered way...

Ashley's energy and enthusiasm are contagious, and her expertise and knowledge is invaluable in helping one ground ideas and grow their business. Her belief in those she works with makes one have no choice but to believe in if you are considering growing your business and empowering yourself in the process, I HIGHLY recommend working with Ashley. It will be the best investment you can make!"

Heather Fraelick, Massage Therapist + Women's Circle Facilitator, Chicago, IL

"By working with Ashley I’ve gotten so much clearer with my big picture vision, and she’s helped me to believe that I can create my business to be exactly what I want it to be! It’s been awesome to have the strategic support with idea generation, and a fresh set of eyes to bounce my own ideas off of as well…

Before working with Ashley, I was dragging myself along solo and was completely overwhelmed with all the daily details of my running my own business. Now I feel totally supported and have been able to let go of a lot of the fears that were holding me back.

Ashley has offered me doable solutions to my challenges, and has encouraged me to seriously think outside of my own box… And the accountability has been priceless as I’m a procrastinator by nature and she really encourages me to move my business forward at a faster pace than I normally would trying to do everything myself.

Now I know that I don’t have to do this alone, and it feels so much more comfortable and enjoyable to run my business with her support"

Lindsay Keene, founder and aesthetician at sweet cheeks skin care, San Francisco, CA

"I knew I wanted to work with Ashley because her energy and enthusiasm are infectious. I can feel how much she believes in her work, and in mine. Having her on my team has brought so much excitement and joy into my business. It feels amazing to know that I get to set up my practice and my life the way I want them to be, and that I don’t have to settle for anything less.

Having a coach has helped me in ways I never even imagined. I have learned so much from Ashley’s experiences in setting up her own holistic online business. Developing clear action steps and timelines, being accountable to another person, and having someone to guide me through each step have all helped me develop my business with clarity and intention.

There’s also something to be said about the power of investing in yourself. I could actually feel my energy shift once I made the decision to go “all in” and invest in one of Ashley’s program. I feel proud of myself for taking this step."

Vanessa Marin, Licensed Sex and Relationship Therapist, Berlin, Germany

"Ashley’s work has had a profound effect in the way I treat my body and my life. I closely follow her blogs, videos and training calls and they have impacted me and my work in an incredible way. The calmness, charisma, and peace she exudes in expressing strong body love is amazing, and her kind, fierce, compassionate & energetic spirit is one in a million. She’s brought me back every single time to a place where I could meet myself with unconditional love, steady encouragement, and an intuitive heart. Anyone looking for their true self—to let their inner goddess come out, should work with Ashley so they can realize that they have the power within to fully shine! If you are at a crossroads in your life and you are ready to feel and break free of your fears, I wholeheartedly recommend working with Ashley to any woman who is looking to rethink her relationship with her body or unleash her rocking business brand."

Dr. Anu Gupta, Weight Loss & Nutrition Coach, New Delhi, India

"Working with Ashley has been so helpful for me to get clarity around myself and who I am in my business, and to verbalize my dreams and desires –ultimately daring me to dream big!

It’s been so beneficial to brainstorm my niche and clarify who I’m serving, so that I have a clear path and plan moving forward with my freelance business."

Tricia Jang, graphic designer & co-owner of type.lites, San Francisco, CA

"Since we’ve started our work together, I have gained enormous clarity within my business. I’ve made tons of progress as I’ve been guided by her every step of the way. I feel more confident and focused, and I feel more excited about my business because I’m experiencing this forward motion. I know now that I have what it takes to run my business…

What I most appreciate about Ashley is her extreme professionalism, while still being down-to-earth. She oozes confidence, and has compassionately supported me allowing me to feel safe during the process… and the accountability rocks! Knowing that I’m speaking with her each week keeps me from procrastinating on any work that seems intimidating or overwhelming. I’ve stopped operating from “career crises model and have finally made huge strides in a career I love."

Mimi Coker, Certified Health Coach, Fayetteville, NC

"What I so appreciate about working with Ashley is that she brings to her work her whole presence and heart. She’s extremely perceptive and intuitive, she knows when I might be holding something back or feeling fear, and she creates a safe environment to help me work through and release those blocks.

Her enthusiasm is infectious, which helps me to get super jazzed about my work! I never question Ashley’s ability as a coach. She exudes confidence, and helps me let go of any feelings of vulnerability, and makes me feel like I can relax and drop into my genius.

My VIP retreat with Ashley was amazing! I felt energized and embodied during the process, and it was the perfect balance of going inward and receiving, and taking focused strategic action…the perfect marriage of the feminine and masculine.

It was really important for me to work through my limiting beliefs, believing I’m worth reaching for my desires, and having the courage to put them out there in a big and bold way.

The self-care aspect of the retreat was luxurious and rejuvenating, and the coaching blocks allowed for me to get crystal clear on my game plan moving forward. "

Laina Copley, Holistic Health Coach, Santa Cruz, CA

"Working with Ashley has completely catapulted my sense of clarity. She is able to deeply listen for what is most important to me, and has helped tease out my truth through astute observation and reflective questioning. No matter how many places my mind goes, Ashley is like an anchor, always bringing me back home.

Something else I really appreciate about working with Ashley is how deeply committed she is to empowering women to take excellent care of themselves while building their businesses. Previously, I was slipping into burnout working way too many hours a day, and now our conversations have helped me set better boundaries and have more fun while working.

The courageous and bold action she takes in her business is contagious! Ashley has been so helpful in helping me take action in the face of fear. Her courage, compassion, and savvy business sense help you move your whole life forward in addition to your business"

Beth Kassler, Educator, Oakland, CA

"Ashley Burnett is a rockstar of the highest order and is a beacon of light, hope, and excitement for so many women!"

Carey Peters, Business Coach, Holistic MBA, Chicago, IL

"Ashley helps me move from fear to action with my business goals and big creative projects. She actually does exude rock star energy (you can’t say that about everybody!) and she inspires me to tap into that energy myself. More than that, Ashley holds me accountable to my highest self. She inspires me to get shit done and puts a fire under my butt to just go for it…even when I don’t feel totally confident and “ready”. I’ve accomplished things in my business that I wouldn’t have had the guts to go for without Ashley in my life.
What I most love about Ashley’s coaching is this: she has an intuitive yet no-nonsense approach that helps me release fear, paralysis, and overwhelm and get my mind and body into grounded excited action so that I can do my life’s work as the leader I’m meant to be. If you’re ready to let go of fear, have a ton of fun doing your life’s work, and rock your business, Ashley’s the coach for you."

Laura Thompson Brady, Women's Leadership Coach, Hallowell, ME

"People need Ashley Burnett in their lives like people need salt and pepper on their dinner tables. Her clarity and directness lend such valuable wisdom on how to transform the woes of entrepreneurship into tools of action.

Ashley’s approach to balancing both the feminine and masculine in business is an absolute yes, and it’s so good to have her by my side!"

Ashley Paquin, Women's Lifestyle Coach, Portland, Or

"I really didn’t know where I was going or who I was working with before deciding to work with Ashley. Even though I was enrolled in a group business-coaching program, I was hiding behind all of the uncertainty, and experiencing serious overwhelm. I was swarming with all these great ideas, but nothing was solid. I felt like all these parts of myself were totally separate, but working my stuff out with Ashley actually allowed these parts to come together and create a clear niche and hot hook that I absolutely love and resonate with!

Working with Ashley was just the push I needed to feel empowered about helping busy working moms just like me–and I know now that being successful with my work as a coach can really happen for me! I feel confident about moving forward, and I know that I am deserving of crafting my biz exactly how I want it.

I’ve also had more clarity about my relationship with myself and my body in the last three weeks than I have ever, which is so important to “rocking my talk” as a wellness coach. Thanks, Ashley for giving me the gentle push I so needed to take serious action!"

Lynn Nalupta, Mama Wellness Coach, Clark, NJ

"I just finished Ashley’s intensive, and wow! It was an incredible 4 hours, and I can’t believe everything she helped me uncover… I have a new path for my business and brand moving forward, one that I feel is so authentically me.

Ashley asked exactly the right questions to help draw out my story and helped me develop how to use it in my work. I’ve always loved my work, but with this new direction, I feel so much more “at home” in it, as if this is really the place all my own struggles and successes have brought me to.
It was refreshing to have an outside perspective to connect the dots that were too close for me to see. We’ve really tied together all the big pieces, and I can’t wait to dive in and see how it all develops!"

Nicole lazar, Holistic Health Practitioner, Chicago, IL

"If you are ready to be vulnerably seen in the world so you can take your business to the next level with the authenticity that leads to magic happening in your business, get connected with Ashley. She really is a mover and shaker that will get you clarity on who you are and how you can powerfully show your authentic self to the world to attract your ideal clients. Plus she’s got tons of resources and connections to support you in getting your gift out into the world!"

Tessa Chittle, Revolutionary Living Coach & Happiness Expert, Seattle, WA

"I am so happy and proud of the physical and mental transformations I have made while working with Ashley! She helped me reconstruct my relationship with my body by learning to prioritize myself and to remind myself that I am worth the time it takes to achieve my fitness and lifestyle goals.

She helped me find my inner voice as well, which has empowered me in both my professional and personal relationships. Ashley has truly guided me through the process of becoming the amazing person I am today!"

Briana Jain, Director Inventory Management, Sephora, San Francisco, CA

"Ashley has a great ability to really listen to what you say and what you’re experiencing, and pin-point suggestions and goals to suit you. I have a hectic work life. The goals and timelines set during our work together were sensible to work around this, and yet they stretched me. She really takes a holistic look at your overall lifestyle, and she helps you build a program that will encourage all areas of your life to work in balance.

The results? I’m enjoying working out regularly, I feel fantastic, and I’m much more in tune with my body than I previously was, which was what it wanted and needed. Her individual programs are a wonderful way of really exploring your needs and goals in further detail, and how to establish healthier habits for the long haul!"

Imogen G., Senior Marketing Manager, Jawbone, San Francisco, CA

"I highly recommend seeing Ashley for holistic health and lifestyle coaching. She has helped me tremendously by keeping me accountable to making healthy improvements in my life and with my body. Her support and insight have brought a huge change for the better in my health, as well as my personal and professional life. If you’re looking to make positive changes and have a highly skilled professional guiding you through the process, I would greatly recommend working with her. Ashley’s knowledge and training is top-notch!"

Robin Sheared., Acupuncturist, San Francisco, CA

"Ashley’s body compassion boot camp was an essential part of my recovery. I’ve struggled with food addictions and substance abuse for many years and went through her program around three months on my path to wellness. The program brought me into contact with other women from all walks of life who became my support system, helped kick-start a clean diet (her gentle cleanse that is part of the program is amazing!), and most importantly, helped me to define my mantra – I am clean, calm, rooted and strong, and on a path to a life beyond my wildest dreams’ that has since become a manifestation of truth (I meditate on it everyday and yes, my life is amazing beyond my wildest dreams now). She’s an angel, and this program is for any woman looking to find her center, her path, and herself."

Holly Whitaker, Author of Quit Like a Woman & Founder of Tempest, San Francisco, CA

"What makes Ashley's work so unique is her infectiously positive and upbeat attitude, and her ability to relate to and acknowledge each participant’s story.

The online group experience is so valuable as you’ll feel like you’re part of a powerful community of women all focusing on bettering themselves and their health as a team! "

Rachel K., San Francisco, CA

"Ashley and the whole online group were supportive and warm...and I am more confident and secure in my mind and body. I am standing taller and stronger even 4 months out from our work together.

I feel more focused in my body, rather than worrying about things that don’t serve me. I also feel more love and forgiveness in my relationships. If you know you need some guidance in your life, go to Ashley. Her guided and passionate process will help!"

Mags Yen-Chuang Matthews, Physical Therapist, Nevada City, CA

"Ashley’s reboot your bod cleanse is awesome! Now I don’t feel the need to go to sleep right after I eat, and I also don’t feel as heavy in my body. I lost about 5 pounds on the program, my skin looks a lot clearer, and I’m not as bloated as I was before. The program inspired to cook more, and I’m going to keep all of these tasty recipes in my repertoire moving forward. I’m drinking a ton more water since starting the cleanse, and she even had a healthy soda recipe in there which curbed that craving! Loved this program and would highly recommend to anyone."

Courtney S., Massage Therapist, Denver, CO