Retreat with me in Cali this spring… <3

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Spring is a time for budding, blossoming, brainstorming & creating.

It’s a time when nature’s doing her happy dance unfolding her sweet offerings…

And it’s a ripe time for us as creatives to do this as well.

I’ve always felt the most creative energy in my business in the month of May – at the height of spring.

But I always get SO MUCH MORE clarity, motivation & momentum when I share this energy with other women.

That’s why I created the Rise & Thrive Spring Retreat – a 2-day, distraction-free, creatively inspired mastermind retreat on 500 acres of gorgeous Sonoma County land in Petaluma, CA – where you can focus on setting yourself up for success for the rest of 2024.

Why come to this retreat?

  • Gain Clarity & Honor Your Business Vision: Give your business the creative space it deserves & mastermind your ideas, roadblocks & desires with a seasoned & savvy coaching team with over 40 years of collective experience.
  • Gain New Marketing & Launch Tools: Keep your marketing efforts fresh, streamlined & aligned with our done-for-you strategic launch & marketing plans.
  • Increase Your Income & Fast Track Your Success: Gain momentum in your business by being stretched out of your comfort zone and being held accountable by a brilliant community of supportive shape-shifters.

There are so many other things I could say about why to attend (like making new connections with the incredible biz babes in this community!)…

But the gist of it is that I truly believe that when we’re ready to unfurl, uplevel & become unstoppable in business, WE NEED community, mentorship & guidance.

Having a sacred space where we can step away from the daily grind of our lives and businesses – where we can clearly see the bigger picture vision and how to get there, is crucial to our next-level of expansion and growth.

And making investments in our business and our future success is actually HOW the momentum & magic happens.

Your business and vision is soooo worth it, and I’d LOVE to see you there (YOU CAN LEARN MORE HERE)! It’s gonna be sooo damn good!



PS, have questions about this or our other retreats and offerings? BOOK A CALL WITH ME HERE to explore. <3

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