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Hey friends…guess what?!!

Today’s my bday!

For me, birthdays are a time to reflect, honor, and celebrate…

REFLECT on how things are unfolding in my life.

HONOR all of my efforts.

And CELEBRATE all of my accomplishments – and the gift of being alive (cause it’s a big freaking deal!).

To revere the day, I’ve headed up to Chicago with my brother and one of my besties, and we’re doing it up downtown Chi-town style – soaking in some good food, live music, and some ancient Greek-inspired baths. ;)

I also want to celebrate YOU ALL and offer a lil bday flash sale on my upcoming retreats during my bday week (Fri. 4.5 – Fri. 4.11).

Leading retreats is my sweet spot and happy place, and I appreciate you being here and tuning into what I have to share virtually…

And I’d LOVE to have you at my next LIVE in-person gathering – cause that’s where sooo much of the MAGIC and transformation happens…

I’ve got 3 coming up that I want to share and I’m SO DAMN PUMPED about ‘em:

First, for you Quincy crew, I’m stoked to share that I’m hosting another REPLENISH RETREAT on Thursday 5/2 from 5-9pm. These nourishing half-days are the perfect REMEDY for overdoing, over-giving, and overwhelm, and an opportunity to step away from managing all the things so that you can tend to YOUR dreams, desires, and needs. During my bday sale Replenish Retreats are $25 off and you can book your spot HERE.

Second, for you fempreneurs & side-hustle starters in the house, I’m leading an immersive 2-day mastermind retreat in Petaluma, CA May 16th-17th to ELEVATE your business, confidence, and strategic action plan for the second half of 2024. Coming to this retreat will result in you knowing what you’re doing in your business, when you’re doing it, and how you’re going to actualize it for the next 6-12 months. We’re offering $500 off the retreat for this week only, and you can secure your spot HERE.

Lastly, I’M SO EXCITED to share that the ABC community is retreating to the SOUTH OF FRANCE in October! This is a bucket list opportunity to embody your feminine power, rewire your old conditioning, and CULTIVATE the life you’re meant to live in the charming village of Montrejeau, at Maison Bonne Rive – a SERENE French country home & creativity retreat space. Think of this as a luxe, yet super intentional South of France vacay with a community of rad & inspiring women. We’re offering $500 off the retreat for this week only, and you can secure your spot HERE.

You can also book a call to explore one of these offerings with me personally by clicking this link HERE.

All right, beautiful community, thanks so much for being here and being you (and a big warm welcome to all of you newbies)! I’m celebrating you and this entire global community today, and sending so much love your way!

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