Calling In 5 Courageous Women…

Lead With Strength. Embody Your Truth. Spread The Love.

Last week I hosted an online workshop called Rise & Thrive that was sooo inspiring and lit…

We moved through our limiting beliefs (thoughts like I’m too old enough, I don’t have enough training, I’m not good enough got rewired), we looked at how to weave all of our brilliant ideas & strengths together to create clear & cohesive offerings, and we created mini leap action plans on how to move forward with our goals.

The recording is still available – and you can access the workshop HERE. <3

At the end of the call, I took 10 minutes sharing about our upcoming Rise & Thrive Collective – our signature 4-month business incubator mastermind program…so excited for this next cohort! 

We’ve had the most INCREDIBLE women business owners & passion-project creators go through our masterminds over the past 10 years… 

Branding coaches, leadership coaches, business coaches, health coaches,

Equine therapists, massage therapists, psychotherapists, sound healers,

Dancers, singer-songwriters, actors, artists 

Waldorf school owners, birth educators, death doulas, writers

Herbalists, estheticians, yoga teachers & studio owners

The list goes on and on, and many of these women have worked with us for multiple years…

We’re kicking off our Spring cohort in T minus 2 weeks and are calling in 5 more big-hearted, ambitious & creative, entrepreneurial-minded women into The Collective.

Women who give a damn about the world, their dreams, lifting women up (and being lifted up by them), and don’t want to do this alone. 

And, I’m calling in the women who are committed to doing the deep inner work so that they can get out of their own way and REALLY create the life that they know they’re meant to live out…

The program starts 2 weeks from yesterday, and I’m taking the remainder of this week and next to talk to the babes in this community who are ready to uplevel their mindset and take their business to their next level of expansion. 

If this is you, I invite you to BOOK A CALL WITH ME HERE to explore if the offering is a good fit for you. I’m soooo excited to connect with you 1-1 and get to know more about your business, dreams, and vision – and how my super skilled team and I can help guide you over these next 4 months to help you actualize your vision.

There truly is no time like the present to take courageous action and get the support you need to THRIVE in your life and business.

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