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One of the actions I have my business & leadership clients dive into at the start of every mastermind or private program is for them to clarify their core beliefs and what they stand for. 

We do this because:

  • Your beliefs & thoughts are the core foundation of your leadership & business.
  • When you hone your thoughts & beliefs, you can articulate what you want to say with crystal clarity.
  • Your audience will resonate with your message and trust you on a deeper level, inspiring them to want to learn more from you and invest in your services.
  • You then have loads of compelling content to share on social media, in your newsletter, in your marketing materials or to infuse into a talk, book, ebook, etc. 

Plus, when my clients do this exercise, they tend to believe more in themselves and the value of their work, and they end up connecting more mindfully with their mission and why they do what they do – inspiring them to keep surging ahead when the going gets tough!

Here are a select few prompts that I use with my clients to draw out this clarity (we go deeper into this process and expand upon these questions in our private and group programming)

Read through the questions below, and initially write down words or phrases that come immediately to mind, stream of conscious style.

Next, I invite you to create a short statement in the form of “I Believe” or “I Stand For” statements for each of the questions. You could create 1-3 for each question, resulting in 5-15 statements at the end of the process.

Try not to overthink the process, let your thoughts come naturally, and have fun with it!

  1. What thoughts, beliefs, and ideas do you feel most called to share with the world?
  2. What do you take a strong stand for?
  3. What golden nuggets of wisdom get you super jazzed to share with your community?
  4. What do you know DEEP within your bones with unwavering certainty?
  5. What beliefs that you hold light a fire under your buns to create change around?

From here, you’ll have a number of strong leadership statements to infuse into your marketing materials, onto your social media posts, into your newsletters, etc.

You could take one of your statements and embellish on it, creating an entire newsletter or sm post from one of those beliefs.

Or you could string a number of these beliefs together to create a mission statement, or infuse them into a book or a talk.

Regardless, by doing this exercise, you’ll learn more about yourself and be more inspired to share about your heart-driven body of work!

I hope this inspires you to take your belief-work to the next-level, and please feel free to share some of your statements with me too when you’ve flushed them out, would love to hear!

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