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Happy new year, beautiful human!!

I’ve been resting well over this winter season and hope you have too…

I mentioned back on the Winter Solstice that I’d share the rest of Chapter 1 from my book, Your Spacious & Seasonal Year featuring the winter reflection questions & ritual ideas found in that chapter.

I find these questions to be particularly helpful at the start of the year, so I hope you enjoy and that these serve you well!

Winter Reflection Questions:

  1. Reflect on what has come to fruition for you this past year. What would you like to honor, own and celebrate?
  2. What are your top three “golden nuggets” from this past year that you’d like to savor, and why?
  3. What are some of the deepest lessons you’ve learned this year?
  4. What are you calling in for yourself in the coming year ahead – both on an “inner” personal growth level, and “outer” production/goal level?
  5. What energy would you like to lead with this coming season and year?
  6. Considering what you’re calling in, what’s your anchoring intention for the new year? (a word or phrase to anchor your new year goals, visions and dreams)

Ritual Ideas & Creative Practices:

1. Build a Winter Solstice Altar:

  • Find a special, dedicated space for your altar creation.
  • Start with a pretty scarf or piece of fabric as the base, and build from there.
  • Winter altar color ideas: red, green, gold, white, silver.
  • Winter altar item ideas: yule log, pine cones, evergreen sprigs, candles, bells, berries, and your dreams/wishes/intention for the new year written on pretty festive cards.

2. Fire Offering Ritual:

  • On a piece of paper, write down what you’re ready to release from this year, stream of conscious style (i.e. fears/limiting beliefs/old habits/physical items).
  • When you’re complete, place cleansing winter herbs like pine, rosemary or sage in the middle of the paper, then wrap the herbs up with the paper, creating a little package of sorts.
  • Meditate on what you’re letting go of as you release the package safely into a hearth fire/fireplace.
  • As the fire burns away what you’re releasing, consider what will open up for you on the other side of that release.

3. Claim Your Intention for the Year:

  • Write your word or phrase of intention for the coming year (that you uncovered in the reflection questions) on something beautiful – a wooden cut out ornament, a little piece of paper that you slip into a glass ornament, a large stone, etc.
  • Place it on your winter altar, and meditate or journal on it throughout the season.

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Sending you so much love, strength, and good health in the near year, and looking forward to connecting more with you soon!

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