Cali reflections & Quincy Pre-launch book party tomorrow! ❤️

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I just got back home a few days ago from Cali – and wowza… what a whirlwind of a trip!

It was filled with so much feeling: excitement, grief, celebration, completion…

I first arrived in SF and had a sweet time with my dearests, having dinner, practicing yoga, and roaming the city streets.

I then made my way up to Petaluma where I sang with a group of incredible women I’ve been singing with for the past 6 years – then stayed the night with a dear friend.

On Day 3, I felt the need to head to my old home, and as soon as I landed on the property, I completely lost it emotionally… another layer of grieving leaving that incredible land, unraveled.

I had the pleasure of staying with my previous landlords over the next 2 days – they’re like family, and I’m so grateful for our connection and relationship!

I also lead a retreat at the 500 acre CSA next door to my old home in the 6000 sq ft barn that my hubby renovated over the course of a year.

And on my final day there – I celebrated with friends old and new the pre-launch of my new book Your Spacious & Seasonal Year – you can pre-order that HERE.

Going back to Cali after moving just a month prior was a bit discombobulating, but also healing on many levels – and ultimately, I left with so much gratitude for being able to venture back to my “second home” and having so many places to stay, people to see, and things to do.

And now I’m back and gearing up for my Quincy, IL pre-launch book party this Friday from 5-7pm – if you’re local to the Quincy area, please come out and celebrate with me tomorrow at the new Electric Fountain Brewing & Coffee Roastery location! ❤️ You can purchase your tix HERE.

And I’ve gotta keep it real folks, I’m looking SUPER forward to signing off for the next month for my annual winter sabbatical – and after months of gearing up for this cross-country move while writing this book – I’m definitely looking forward to rooting into my new home and taking a long winter’s nap!

I’ll be fairly quiet over the next few weeks, perhaps sending out a message or two, but will be back in the new year with some exciting new magic for you!

All right beautiful humans, wishing you all a sweet and restorative winter season, grateful for you and your presence here, and sending love and gratitude!

P.S. We are super excited about our 2024 programming and we’ll share more at the top of the year, but if you know you want to explore (we’ll be offering programming in Quincy, IL, Cali & virtually) we encourage you to secure an Activation Session now because spots are limited and they fill up fast!

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