Book pre-launch parties in Cali & IL… come celebrate with me!

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Hello beautiful people!

As I mentioned last week…I can hardly believe it but I wrote a freaking book!

You can pre-order it HERE or join me for my Petaluma Pre-Launch Party & Reading on 12/1 or Quincy Pre-Launch Party & Reading on 12/8 – I’d be so grateful for your support.

Many books have been written over the course of history, but one statistic I discovered during this process is that 80% of folks want to write a book, 3% finish, and 1% publish. So I’m gonna take this moment to relish in this accomplishment – and thanks for witnessing me in the process.

In the spirit of gratitude, I’ve gotta give a few shout outs to those who helped me actualize this project:

  1. Rani MacNeal – our ABC Client Care Maven & Virtual Assistant, and wearer of many hats! Rani edited, proofed, tediously layed out the book, among other pieces. Rani, thank you soooo damn much for your efforts and hard work.
  2. Amy D. Marie – our ABC Company Strategist & Resident Coach, and also a wearer of many hats! Amy helped design the front cover, lay out elements, and submit the manuscript to the publishing company. Amy, thank YOU so much for all of your support.
  3. Tiny Book Course and the team at Get it Done – I’d been sitting on a book for the past 6-7 years, and a few short months ago Amy told me about the Tiny Book Course, and they helped me flush out my ideas and gather my content together in a not so tiny book form in just 3 months. Thanks so much TBC!
  4. Monica Lucero, ABC Retreat Assistant & Resident Coach who wrote the beautiful forward for this book.
  5. Lela Shields for the incredible cover and interior illustrations…so grateful for the opportunity to collab in this way!

Also, thanks to all of you who’ve already pre-ordered or signed up for an event. It means the world to have your support!

If you’ve been a part of my community for a while, or my work has supported you over the years, pre-ordering or coming to an event would be an incredible way to aid in this project’s success…

And my intention is that this book feels like a nourishing hug and reminder to slow down, replenish your reserves, work in harmony with nature, and be deeply nourished by this body of work.

  • Pre-order the book HERE.
  • Join the Petaluma pre-launch party HERE (includes a book!).
  • Join the Quincy pre-launch party HERE (includes a book!).

Regardless, dear community, please know that I’m grateful for you for being here, and thank you for your devoted support and trust in my work over the years.

Always with love,

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