How to move through BIG transitions with more awareness, acceptance, and grace.

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Hello dear community,

I hope to find you hanging in there, and that you’re enjoying the seasonal shift into the celebratory season of Autumn…

I’ve had my hands pretty damn full this Fall, gearing up for a massive cross-country move while writing my first book, leading my final retreats on this land, and emotionally and logistically processing the big changes that lie ahead.

It’s been a lot, and I’ve definitely lost it a few times (and more’s a comin’ I’m sure!), but I’m also sooo freaking grateful to have the self-care and ritual tools that I’ve acquired over these past 18 years in the Bay Area to lean on.

In the midst of the fullness, I’ve been prioritizing my yoga and movement practices, getting to bed earlier, scheduling in consistent bodywork, and of course, soaking those last precious moments in my magical outdoor tub (if you’ve been following me for awhile on IG, you know I’ve lived for that thang!)

I’ve also had a few key rite of passage ritual moments held for me to honor this big transition:

  1. I asked the singing circle that I’ve been a part of over the past 6 years to gather here for a “Land Blessing” singing ritual, to thank the unceded Coastal Miwok land I’ve been residing on, for housing my family and I over these past 8.5 years – as well as soooo many incredible change-making women and humans through their personal and professional growth.
  2. I asked one of my dear friends (who was my Doula at Quintin’s birth on this land 4 years ago) to facilitate a “Blessing Away ” ceremony for me here with some of my nearest and dearests, to honor the sweet relationships I’ve cultivated throughout the years.
  3. And, another dear friend and long-term client offered to host a Goodbye Celebration party where we gathered for food, libations, dance and merriment with folks from all chapters of my California journey.

Check out a lil vid from that sweet day ❤️

GB Party

While lots of tears were shed and laughter was had, these experiences brought me back yet again to the importance and power of ritual…

As I’ve shared in previous posts, to me ritual is an intentional act or action performed with reverence – that can help us commemorate something, make something special, help us move through challenge, transition, and hardship, and create more meaning, magic, and joy in our lives.

This is about acknowledging the magnitude of big transitional times in our lives, and stating that this is a pivotal moment and that I need to commemorate and honor this in order to move through this transition with more awareness, acceptance and grace.

Western culture has lost much of its connection with ritual – other than for birthdays, weddings, funerals and graduations. But, rite of passage rituals can be sooo helpful for moving through our emotions around other big moments, such as leaving a job, becoming a parent, transitioning through menopause, or moving into a new home, to list a few…

For me, after going through these experiences, I feel more accepting of and less resistant to the change to come, in deeper celebration of all of my accomplishments here, and excited and hopeful for the journey ahead.

My forthcoming book is all about seasonal living and ritual – and I can’t wait to share more of that journey with you soon. :)

For now, I invite you to get curious to see if there are any pivotal moments coming up for you that you’d like to create a more intentional ritual or a rite of passage moment around (seasonal shifts count for this too!)

Then ask yourself how specifically you might want to signify that moment. It can be as simple as building a Fall altar, or gathering a few of your dearest friends together to signify crossing the threshold of menopause, or creating a meaningful moment to honor moving to a new home.

Feel free to share your ritual ideas with me – I’d truly love to hear them, and if you need additional support around it, I definitely recommend pre-ordering my upcoming book (more coming on how to do that very soon!)

All right dear ones, sending so much Autumn coziness your way, thanks for reading, and I’ll continue to loop you into my big and exciting journey ahead,

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