Last day to save on our final ABC Petaluma-based Retreat

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Last week I held a 2-day Fall Equinox inspired retreat for my Soulstice Sisterhood Circle… 

It was truly special and super juiced up, and I’ll let the photos do the speaking for themselves!

It was the final retreat with this particular group on this land, and was incredibly beautiful, raw, emotional, celebratory, joyful… 

Some of the women in this circle have participated in it over the past 4-6 years… pre my son Quintin coming to the earthly scene, throughout the pandemic, and in the midst of all of the shifts that can happen over half a decade or so.

We processed these shifts, and held conversations around change – and how hard and uncomfortable the change can be, but that it’s truly the only constant. 

I’ve shared over the past couple of weeks that I’m holding one final retreat on this extraordinary land here in Petaluma, and I’d be honored to have you experience this final celebratory retreat with me. 

If you’ve been on the sidelines, and you’re curious about how we approach business and leadership building at ABC – in a way that goes against the status quo and cycles with the rhythms of the natural world, I invite you to join us. 


I will indeed continue to offer incredible opportunities to retreat and gather in the future (Fall 2024 France retreat anyone??)

But in terms of this incredible retreat space in Petaluma, our time here is coming to a close. 

Today is the last day to save $150 off the retreat (use the code EARLYBIRD at check out), we have just a few spaces left, and it will def be filled to capacity. 

CLICK HERE to join us, happy Equinox this week, I hope to see you there, and sending so much love!

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