Copious ways to bring in money, now!

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In an economic climate that’s ever changing and experiencing a contraction moment, it’s easy for many entrepreneurs to feel helpless, or to fall into (or back into) a challenging relationship with money.

And, this is completely understandable with the rising costs of living and inflation – and all the economic flux and changes that are currently happening in our world.

But the truth is, there are always ways to get creative around bringing in more income and revenue, now, no matter what the economy is doing.

Keep reading below for some of our favorite ABC money generating tips to brainstorm copious ways to bring money in, now. 

1.  Our first suggestion is to brainstorm 20-50 quick action ideas to generate income.

We invite you to think outside of the box and look at this both from a business and personal perspective, as some of the best ideas always come within you.

We’ll then provide you with some of our favorite ideas to help you see that the money making possibilities are endless.

2.  Check the ABC team list below of creative money generating ideas:

Programs and Services:

  • Pre-enroll clients into an upcoming program
  • Launch the program/offering you’ve been dreaming up for months
  • Create a multifaceted 1-1 experiential program and enroll a few clients
  • Offer a high-end private VIP day retreat to your most beloved clients
  • Reach out to past clients with a special renewal offering/package
  • Offer a workshop/weeklong challenge or day retreat with a CTA into a longer term offer 
  • Launch a pop up Summer workshop series 
  • Offer a special spring offering bundle (ie – an astrology reading & tarot card bundle)

Rates and Payment Plans:

  • Incentivise clients and settle up any outstanding payment plans
  • Raise your rates next month and incentivise current clients to pre-purchase packages at your current rate
  • Ask for a raise or negotiate bonus pay for a project

Physical and Digital Products:

  • Run a flash sale on products  
  • Pre-sell your book, ebook, album or new product offering
  • Make a new batch of herbal potions or elixirs and bundle them up to sell
  • Host a virtual/in person art show/opening
  • Create an upcoming holiday product/service special (ie – a painted portrait)
  • Hold a virtual/in person Trunk Show
  • Host a virtual/in person Concert
  • Create a mini “How To” ebook and sell on Amazon
  • Create beautiful canva templates or checklists and sell them on Etsy or Pinterest (ie – Spring Cleaning Organizing 101 – 100 things to throw out of your house, now!)
  • Bundle up all of your freebies into a digital product

Rent Out Space and Sell Your Stuff:

  • Rent out your backyard, studio or yurt for others to lead classes, retreats or photoshoots – aka Location Rentals 
  • Rent a room out in your home or rent your place out on AirBnb for a week while you stay with family or friends
  • Hold a garage or yard sale
  • Sell your gently used stuff on FB Marketplace/Ebay/Craigslist (what products/possessions do you have, ie clothing, baby/kid items, electronics/furniture could you sell?)  

3.  Circle, star or highlight your top 3-5 fave ideas above (both for your own individual ideas and our ABC suggestions), and save the rest for another $ making moment. From there, we invite you to devise a quick and simple plan to market, launch, fill or sell your offering or product, and put it out there!

All right beautiful soul, you’ve got this and you can absolutely get creative around bringing $ in fast, no matter what. I hope you enjoy these ideas and suggestions, and wishing you a sweet and abundant weekend ahead

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