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Hello beautiful community!

I hope to find you well and enjoying the beginnings of Beltane Season, and that you received lots of potent “downloads” on the Full Flower Moon Eclipse last Friday.

Last week, I held a Beltane ritual retreat for the women of the Soulstice Sisterhood circle on Thursday, and then an EPIC Rise & Thrive Retreat the following day for 23 righteous entrepreneurial souls!

It felt soooo good to be back in the workshop space with a post-pandemic full house, and my cup is filled with gratitude for the magic that we created.

At the Beltane retreat (Beltane being the halfway point between the Spring Equinox & Summer Solstice, and meaning “Bright Fire” in Gaelic), we riffed on weaving more JOY into our lives and businesses, and activated it through Maypole dancing!

This was my 6th time leading a Beltane ritual retreat, but our first time actually dancing and singing around a Maypole…it was sooo sweet!

And, at the Rise & Thrive Retreat, we cultivated our Spring & Summer business visions and plans through savvy sales & marketing and visibility building workshops paired with sound healing, dancing, circle singing, meditation, breathwork and transformational ritual…

Both of the events were supercharged with fierce yet feminine energy, and a sense of fiery activation that can only happen at in person retreat experiences.

As you’re diving into uncovering your action plans for the remainder of Spring and Summer, I invite you to consider how you can infuse more JOY into them…

Ask yourself:

  • What truly brings me joy? And how can I weave more of THAT into my daily life and business? And, how will that positively impact your business?
  • Also, I invite you to get curious about what you need to say yes and no to in order to prioritize more joy, and what boundaries you need to set so that you can experience more of it on the daily.
  • Lastly, I invite you to choose one easy inspired action that you can devote yourself to for the month of May to infuse more joy and pleasure into your business.

Alright beautiful woman, sending you all of the Springtime vibes. I hope that you have a sweet week, and as always, I’m sending so much love your way!

Xoxo Ashley

P.S. At the Friday retreat I shared about a super supportive offering I have coming up starting in Aug called the Rise & Thrive Collective – a 4 month mastermind + private coaching support container, (with an epic 3-day in person Fall retreat woven into the mix!) and some of the righteous babes in the community have already started to step into it. I’ll be sharing more with you over the next couple of weeks as we gear up for pre-enrollment for that, so stay tuned. <3

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