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Hello beautiful!

During the workshop blocks at my most recent Rise & Thrive retreat, we lasered in on sales, marketing and boosting visibility in business.

I know SO many fears and limiting beliefs can come up around sales, and sometimes it can feel like we’re a hamster in a hamster wheel, getting nowhere, fast…

That’s why at the event I shared my top 10 heart-centered & income boosting sales strategies, and I want to share them with you too.

Over the next 2 weeks, I’m gonna share some of my favorite sales tips and limiting-belief-reducing strategies that will help you build confidence around selling with compassionate service so that you can increase your revenue AND make a larger positive ripple effect in the world.

Top 10 Heart-Centered & Income Boosting Sales Strategies & Tips (First 5)

  1. Start With Why As Simon Sinek shares in his book Start With Why, people don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it. People invest in your mission, your why, your passion, and the energy that you have around your work. When promoting your offerings, lead with your WHY and let your mission move you forward.
  2. Share Your Story– Business is built on storytelling. Stories connect, engage and activate people. The stories we tell inspire our community to hire us and invest in our services, and are the golden nuggets that our clients and community remember forever and ever. Weave in the depth of your story, and more sales will most likely occur in your business.
  3. Sell With Heart-Centered Service If we shy away from inviting our community to work with us, we’re actually doing them a disservice, because we’re holding them back from accessing that which could radically change the course of their lives. Focus on sharing your offerings from a place of authenticity, confidence, and compassionate service, and remember that your body of work has the power to positively impact the trajectory of your community’s future.
  4. Make Offers More Often – Here’s the truth babe, you’re running a business and businesses are built around sales. This is an opportunity for you to become more intimate with and to befriend the sales process, because let’s get real, if we shy away from selling, we most likely won’t have a viable business. So, please remember that in addition to serving and supporting your community, a big part of your job as a business owner is to sell as well!
  5. Value Repetition – Most folks don’t buy the first time that they see or hear about an offer, and most folx need to sit with something before they buy or make a big investment decision. Repetition is key so gently remind yourself that yes, your community actually does need to hear another email, read or listen to another social media post or look at that flier again before they buy or take action.

Alright, beautiful, from this list, I invite you to circle, star or highlight the top 1-2 heart-centered sales strategies & tips that you’d like to lean into working more closely with, and why. 

Then ask yourself, how do you feel working with these specific strategies on a deeper level will positively affect your business trajectory? 

Lastly, I invite you to come up with 1-2 immediate empowered actions you can take in relation to each of those strategies or tips – i.e. perhaps you follow up with that potential client you’ve been meaning to follow up with, or you send another social media post or newsletter today or tomorrow for your upcoming program…

Really great work here, I’ll be back next week with the second half of my top 10 sales tips, sending you SOOO much sales love, and wishing you a happy and restful weekend ahead!

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