Get comfortable with being uncomfortable to catapult your biz forward…

Lead With Strength. Embody Your Truth. Spread The Love.

Hello beautiful!

Spring has sprung, the sun is shining, and it’s time to come out of hiding…

Time to come out of our cozy winter hibernation caves, and the decked out “she sheds” we created in what felt like a never-ending pandemic.

We’ve been in hiding for a good long while…

And, we’ve gotten comfortable, myself included – inside our homes, behind our computer screens and ultimately, in isolation.

But the truth is that we NEED tangible connections in community and IN PERSON experiences to THRIVE…

I also believe that in order to grow and expand in our businesses – we need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Let me share a personal story around this…

Exactly a year ago, I attended my first in person business building retreat as a participant in like 4 years.

I flew to LA, and was freaking nervous as hell because it was the first time I’d been in person with folks in this way since Quintin was born and the pandemic hit…

So nervous that I was sweating profusely through the SICK ASS satin dress I was wearing, and had to go to the bathroom to blot off my soaked through pits periodically throughout the eve!

But, I digress… ;)

Point being, I was uncomfortable – and honestly, that’s WHY I signed up and felt the damn fear and did it anyway…


Because, I knew it was going to stretch me to the next-level expansion and growth that I couldn’t achieve on my own.

I knew I needed something to get me out of the pandemic + postpartum funk I was in.

And, I knew I desperately needed to be inspired, and on the other side of holding space for everyone and everything else in my business and life…

It was also the largest investment I’d ever made in a program (the equivalent of what I’d paid for 9 month masterminds in the past for a 3 day retreat!) I was scared shitless of making that investment!

But, I’m still soooo freaking glad that I went because:

1. I met some SUPER rad women who’ve become cheerleaders and collaborative partners of mine – 4 of our past Rev Fem panelists were folks I connected with that weekend, and I made friendships and connections for life.

2. I received extremely useful content around storytelling for my business that’s influencing my upcoming book – stay tuned friends!

3. I walked away with the confidence, motivation, energy and the inspiration to generate our largest revenue year to date in 2022.

If there’s one thing that I know to be true in business, it’s this:

When we stay isolated and try to do it all ourselves, we often stay stuck or stalled…

And, when we give ourselves permission to step out of our comfort zones, and surround ourselves with other badass entrepreneurs – growth and expansion are often the result.

Annnnddd, I FULLY believe that IN PERSON retreats and events will always reign supreme…

There’s a tangible, felt and experiential magic that simply cannot happen behind a screen.

And that’s why I LOVE leading in person retreats.

Very few of the retreats I lead are ever open to the public (meaning it’s not part of a longer group program)…

However, I AM leading a daylong retreat 2 weeks from today (on Friday 5/5 on the Full Flower Moon) here at my Petaluma, CA retreat space called Rise & Thrive, and would be ELATED to have you join me. :)

Sign up for the Rise & Thrive Daylong Mastermind Retreat HERE.

If you know you need to come out of hiding, and get yourself stretched out of your comfort zone and surrounded by other entrepreneurial badasses – sign your sweet buns up!

Babe, if you want to experience different results, you’ve gotta do something different – and this is THE place to get stretched and supported to new heights.

I’d be OVER THE FULL MOON excited to have you there. Can you join us??

Always with love,

Ps, I know showing up and being visible is scary, and I know it’s easier to stay at home and not do the thing…believe me my introverted extrovert self gets it sooo so much! But is that what’s going to help you actually reach your goals and dreams this year? Nope…definitely not. Join us for the retreat – we have a truly incredible group of heart-centered fempreneurs gathering for this, and I know you’ll be sooo damn glad you took the leap. <3 JOIN US HERE.

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