One of the most important risk-taking moments in my business…

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15 years ago I officially went into business for myself full-time.

Prior to that, I’d been running various creative side businesses: a dance company, teaching gigs, dancing professionally, and making jewelry – all while making ends meet as a massage therapist at a local spa.

Pic of the jewelry I made, back in the day…

But, in the Fall of 2008 I was approached by an emerging San Francisco based yoga studio to see if I wanted to open up a private massage practice there. 

I was stoked for the opportunity, and my plan was to continue to work at the spa while “grandmothering” into my new massage practice at The Pad Studios. 

But, soon after The Pad’s opening party, I was confronted by the owner of the spa I worked at and was given an ultimatum… 

That I could either stay at the spa OR open my massage practice at The Pad.

People often ask me in interviews what some of my most vulnerable and risk taking moments have been along my entrepreneurial journey…and this is one of the moments that still takes the cake!  

At the time I was up to my ears in credit card debt, in full avoidance around my relationship with money, living paycheck to paycheck in one of the most expensive cities as a dance artist where I was getting paid $9/hour to dance professionally – and I’d be lucky to break even on one of the grandiose dance shows I’d produce.

So, I was scared shitless to make this decision.

I deliberated on it for weeks.

Yet, something in me said, GO FOR IT, because I was no longer ok making 27 bucks a massage, and continuing to play it safe.

And, I ended up taking the full-on entrepreneurial leap – fear and all and left the spa, officially started my own business – and within 2 months had a full practice and was making roughly 4x what I was at the spa.

The Pad Studios has served me well over the years…15 years ago it offered me the opportunity to leap fully into entrepreneurship, provided a space for me to lead my first daylong business expansion & self-care retreat 9 years back, and I also got certified in yoga there in 2018…

And, a few weeks ago The Pad had a transition of its own – as one of my dearest friends, Nicole Cronin, who’s been teaching there since it’s inception took over as the new owner – so all of these memories were coming back up for me at The Pad re-opening party!

Photo of my brother and I at The Pad re-opening. <3

If there’s one thing you can take away from this share, it’s this…

Business requires taking risks. 

It requires making bold moves, putting things out there before they’re perfect, making hard decisions, making investments that you don’t really want to make, and betting on yourself, even when you’re scared shitless.

There are moments and seasons for conservatism in business, but more often than not, risk is required (especially when we’re wanting to experience new outcomes and see different results). 

And, fear is always gonna be your sidekick on the path.

So, I invite you to get really real with yourself and ask yourself:

  • Where in your business or life have you been playing it safe? 
  • What pivotal moment do you find yourself currently coming up against? 
  • What fears or old ways of thinking are stopping you from taking that next big leap? 
  • Are you open to moving through, dancing with and transforming those fears so that you can make the next step forward?
  • What support pieces do you need to put in place to help you get to the next level of expansion?
  • What is your next right action?

Please send me the answers to these q’s – would LOVE to hear…and I hope this share inspires you to take that next right and aligned step forward in your business.

Always with love,




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