Energetic Hygiene Practices For Sustainable, Profitable & Freedom-Based Business

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Hello, dear ones!

I hope to find you well, and that you’re enjoying the descent into the darkest and most nourishing months of the year.

Yesterday, we wrapped up with the Unleash Your Impact facilitation training course, and during our final week we explored turning the dial up on our “Energetic Hygiene Routines” to ground, manage and clear our energetics before, during and after any group (or 1-1) facilitation moments to avoid burnout.

The truth is that many of us in the creative and holistic entrepreneurial industries might know what to do in this area, but prioritizing it is a whole other ball of wax…

That being said, I’m feeling called to share some of our Energetic Hygiene Strategies so that you can prioritize your self-care with devotion this season—at the time of year when we have the capacity to receive the most healing and nourishment from Mama Earth – but only if we give ourselves permission to create the spaciousness to do so.

I truly believe that self-care and seasonality are two of the KEY missing links to sustainable, fem-focused entrepreneurship, and that we’re collectively being called to reclaim our feminine roots in this powerful way as we step into more impactful roles of leadership.

It’s easy to busy ourselves, get wrapped up in our never-ending to-do lists, and focus on others’ needs first, (especially during the holiday hustle) while leaving our sacred self-care out of the equation.

So, I invite you to ask yourself how you’d like to ground your energy in the morning, manage it throughout the day and clear it in the evening so that you’re free of any stagnant energy before you retire for the day and hit the hay.

Here are some of our favorite energetic hygiene practices to get you started: (and feel free to look at this through the lens of space holding as well…

Energetic Hygiene Practices For Sustainable, Profitable & Freedom-Based Fempreneurship:

Start of Day/Pre-Facilitation: Ground

  • Grounding Cord Meditation
  • Root Chakra Meditation/Visualization
  • Connecting with the Earth Element
  • Embodiment and Breathwork Practices
  • 2 Minute Rolling Hum/Singing/Rolling Om
  • Vetiver, Thyme or Chamomile Essential Oils
  • Consuming Grounding Foods & Teas – think root herbs and veggies

Throughout the Day/During Facilitation: Manage

  • Dance or movement breaks
  • Meditation or breathwork practices
  • Circulation & lymph boosting practices like tapping, patting, bouncing or shaking
  • Create space for nourishing/hydration breaks & time off
  • Tea, chocolate, essential oils and herbal hydrosol pick me ups
  • My FAVE management practice – Constructive Rest for an instructional video
  • Lemongrass or citrus essential oils, and Tulsi tea for stability

End of Day/Post Facilitation: Clear

  • Herbal Smoke Bundles/Rose Spray/ Clearing Bells to Clear the Room
  • Rock a “Brain Dump” Journaling Session to let your thoughts go
  • Dry Brushing and Bathing Ritual or Foot Bath (with salt/crystals/herbs/oils)
  • Self Massage with Herbal Infused Oils, Salves or Lotions
  • Peppermint, Eucalyptus or Geranium Essential Oils For Clearing
  • Rose/Lavender/Lemon Balm Teas for Clearing & Calming the Heart
  • Cord Cutting and Energetic Release Practices

I encourage you to choose 1-2 practices in each category that resonate for you to start incorporating into your “Energy Clearing Routine”—and over time, you’ll feel such a strong and sustainable difference.

Also, if you’re unclear about any of these practices feel free to reach out to me personally by sending a note to, more than happy to clarify and support you with these!

​All right dear community, as always I’m sending so much love your way.

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