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Hello dear community,

I’ve been deep in the facilitation process with our 2022 Unleash Your Impact cohort (a truly incredible community of global change-makers!), and yesterday we dove into Module 3 – Develop Your Unique Signature Curriculum…

Curriculum development was something that I very much struggled with in my early coaching years, but in more recent years I’ve been able to hone in on a simple and supportive framework, and it’s been time-freeing and liberating, to say the least!

One of the ways that I support my clients around curriculum development is to clarify their core curriculum style.

The truth is, there are many different ways that you can approach teaching and leading your community through your core teachings—and towards reaching the results that you want your participants to achieve through your programs and offerings.

Keep reading on for 4 inspiring ideas to help unearth your signature core curriculum – and in a way that won’t take you hours upon hours for you to create!

4 Options to Help Identify Your Core Curriculum Style:

OPTION 1. Create a step-by-step process for each module of your offering. 

Once you’ve determined the layout and modules for your particular 1-1 or group offering, you’ll want to work from macro to micro and identify a set number of actions, tools, keys, secrets, or steps for each particular module of your offering, to help get your clients closer to the results that you want for them to achieve in that respective module.

For each module of your offering, ask yourself, what are the core tools or teaching elements that you feel are called to weave into that module, and what actions you’d like for your community to take to get them the results they’re seeking.  Then you can assign these core tools, teaching elements, and actions specific journaling questions, bullet points or journaling prompts for each.

OPTION 2. Guide your community through a series of inquisitive journaling questions. This option is particularly aligned with retreat and womxn’s circles and is the way that we approach leading the “curriculum” for the members of our Soulstice Sisterhood circle. 

This process is more investigative and internal, and is a great alternative to “teaching content”, while still offering an exploratory and experiential process to explore the theme or focus of that week/month/module. 

OPTION 3. Take your students through experiential exercises. 

Many of you here are artists or movement practitioners, so for those of you that identify in that category, most likely your core curriculum will be more experiential in nature. 

As an example, back in the day when I was choreographing dances, oftentimes I’d start the process with group inquiry through writing prompts. 

Then the choreography would emerge through discussing and exploring those writings with the group and having each dancer (and myself) come

up with movement phrases or material based on that exploration…then piecing it all together from there. 

Similarly, when you’re creating an experiential course, you can approach teaching and leading your curriculum this way.


OPTION 4.  Lead Your Community through Sacred a Ritual or Ceremony

Ritual or Ceremony is an efficient and effective way to move your community closer to their vision – and to help them integrate, embody and assimilate your core teachings. 

Ritual also helps create a stronger knit container for your groups, brings more meaning and intention into your work, and allows you as the practitioner to get creative and infuse the elements, nature, and spiritual components into your work.

*Please Note: For the ceremony, I believe it’s really important to be personally initiated into leading specific ceremonies – especially if guiding a particular ceremony or ritual that originated from another’s culture, to pay respect and so as to not appropriate that culture’s sacred ritual or ceremony.

All right, beautiful people, I hope this inquiry on curriculum development was fruitful for you, let me know if you have any questions on this process, and sending so much love your way!

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