Fall Equinox reflections, rituals, and gratitudes… <3

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Happy Fall Equinox Friends!

Today marks one of two auspicious days out of the year where day and night are in equal balance.

This ancient seasonal festival honors our unique brilliance, the fullness of the harvest, what we’re in deep gratitude of, and the celebratory energy of fall – while also acknowledging the beginning of the inward turn, and crossing the threshold into the darker months ahead. 

To celebrate, last week I gathered with the incredible women of my Soulstice Sisterhood circle at my retreat space for a 2-Day celebratory autumn retreat… 

It was a beautiful gathering filled with nourishing meditations, movement practices, healing sound baths, journaling, discussion, feasting on autumn fare – plus a ceremonial wine tasting experience by Wild Rising Wines, and an EPIC flower picking field trip + ritual at Open Field Farm – a local, biodynamic 500 acre CSA.

In terms of our autumnal flower ritual, here was the breakdown (so that you can create this at home or with your community if you feel so called):

  1. I asked the women to take a 20-minute silent meditation walk through Open Field Farm’s MASSIVE flower field and create bouquets to reflect their unique expression, brilliance, and light. 
  2. We then gathered in a circle and shared with each other our unique experiences and autumnal floral expressions.
  3. Lastly, we created a “crossing into the darkness” ritual where each woman individually crossed from the sunlight into the shadow, to represent the inward turn. As they stepped forward into the darkness, they brought one special flower with them to represent their light and placed it into a basin – creating our own unique collective bouquet. 

It was simple, beautiful, and signified the beauty of the darker months to come…

We also shared what we were “harvesting” and in gratitude for, and there was a moment in the circle where I literally broke down in tears of gratitude for what I’ve had the privilege of creating in this business over the last 11 years – especially in the past 8 years since I began leading experiential groups.

When I look back to that first retreat I led eight years ago, to where I am now – having now led nearly 80 retreats, around 30 group programs, and supported thousands of beautiful humans with the help of my team, both globally and locally, I am truly in awe… 

I LOVE guiding this stellar community (including you through these blog posts!), I relish in witnessing the positive ripple effect that’s being created through the circles I lead, it’s what fuels my soul – and this is why I feel called to invite you to learn how I’ve done it (the trial and error, the successes, and everything in between) through my beloved Unleash Your Impact Group Facilitation Training Course.

Over the next week and a half, I’ll be sharing more with you about this transformative program, and inviting you to come along for the ride with me.

We have a really valuable bonus (The Client Attraction Bundle – think bio writing, visibility building, and gathering stellar testimonials) that expires at the end of the day today – and you can check that out and the program HERE.

And for those of you who want to get a little sneak peek into Unleash and my teaching style, the third FREE workshop of our introductory series is coming up next week… you can sign up HERE to register and join us for that goodness!

For now, though, I wish you a blessed Autumn Equinox, and I’m sending so much love your way, and much nourishment for the coming darker month ahead.

With lots of love and gratitude for being here, and being you,


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