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Hello dear ones!

I’m currently wrapping up my 5-week summer sabbatical and it’s been glorious and much needed!

Over the years, I’ve learned that igniting our full radiance and confidence requires the embodiment of both masculine and feminine energies. 

It asks us to lean into periods of both the fruitful and the fallow, allowing ourselves the freedom to wax and wane as needed. 

It is also one of the most important—and least discussed— shifts that we are called to make as conscious feminine leaders in the new paradigm of sacred business.

And, it is something that I am SO passionate about seeing discussed more openly among entrepreneurs.

The time has come to stop glorifying processes and ways of working that lead to burnout and isolation, instead of fostering interdependent community and inspired productivity.

By activating the courage and trust that it requires to prioritize our own self-care, we give ourselves permission to RECEIVE more grace, inspiration, and pleasure in every facet of our lives. 

When we create SPACIOUSNESS within our business models, we can serve our purpose, our families, our communities, and the planet more effectively and efficiently.

What’s more, it’s also from this spaciousness and gratitude that we’re better able to magnetize the abundance that is all around and available to us. 

So, to all of you hard-working womxn business owners who are on their grind, feeling alone, and wishing there was a better way…

I have an invitation for you.

If you’re ready to work smarter and not harder in your business, make more $ by working less and experience a deep sense of balance on a daily…

And if you’d like to create the spaciousness in your schedule to take personal retreats, multiple month-long sabbaticals, work part-time for more than full-time pay, and experience an ideal self-care infused work day, every freaking day, then…

I invite you to join me on Thursday, August 11th at 11:00 am PT for:

Revolutionizing Fempreneurship: An inspiring community forum to infuse more pleasure, cash flow, freedom, and joy into your mission-driven business

Save your space HERE for this FREE epic online event. 

This is our SECOND, seasonal forum and will feature myself and a phenomenal panel of revolutionary business owners who are running their businesses in a fem + freedom-forward way, AGAINST THE GRAIN. 

My WHY for this event?

I’m seeing TOO many heart-centered women trying to fit their business and the way they’re leading their lives into the old outdated patriarchally dominated business model. 

And, I want to empower you to create a truly non-conforming business on YOUR OWN TERMS.

One where you give yourself permission to take ample time off, follow the rhythms of nature and your body for sustainability and flow, and allow yourself to be filled up with SO MUCH JOY that it feels like YOU MIGHT BURST! 

If this feels like a HELL YES, I invite you to save your seat HERE for this FREE game-changing online event. 

HERE’S THE TRUTH: We don’t have to create businesses that leave us feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, incoherent, and burned out.

We can run our businesses and lead our lives in a different way—in a way that’s deeply nourishing, balances masculine and feminine energies, and where we’re surrounded by a supportive community along the entrepreneurial path. 

I invite you to join us in shaping this exciting LIVE conversation—and not only will you be inspired, meet, and learn from powerful womxn forging a new path and succeeding in this new way, but you’ll leave with clear, actionable tools to make the most aligned version of your DREAM BUSINESS happen. 

Save your space HERE for this FREE epic online event. 

Friends, this is the moment. The world is in flux and there is not a better time than NOW, to revolutionize the way we lead our lives and our businesses. There IS a better way and we CAN run a business full of pleasure, freedom, authenticity, and joy. 

I’m so excited to have and shape this next-level conversation with you!

See you at the forum, and let’s freaking DO THIS!


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