How to powerfully prep + ground for your next big visibility moment…

Lead With Strength. Embody Your Truth. Spread The Love.

I’ve been in business for myself for 20 years – and before that, I sang, acted, and danced extracurricularly and professionally.

That being said, I’ve been on many stages and experienced many photoshoots and visibility moments in my life and career.

But, without a doubt, EVERY SINGLE TIME before I get up on that stage, lead a retreat, or get in front of that camera, those sweet Lil butterflies start fluttering in.

I was reminded of this last month when I experienced my third epic photoshoot with In Her Image Photo…

And, I was also reminded of how common nerves are when I was prepping the babes of the Uninhibited Mastermind for their photoshoots at our most recent retreat.

After our prep session though, the UM babes absolutely ROCKED their mini-shoots – and I used these same grounding practices and questions to get myself out of fear mode and fully embodied for my own shoot as well.

Keep reading on to access these powerful grounding q’s to use for your next photo or video shoot – or upcoming visibility moment that you have coming down the pipeline. 

The world needs to see and hear you – and witness your powerful magic!

Grounding Questions for your next big VISIBILITY moment:

  • Feel into the energy that you’d like to exude in your photoshoot or visibility moment…
  • What are the 1-3 adjectives that you’d like to embody during this moment – and how would you like to feel?
  • What are some of the keywords that you’d like your community to experience and feel when witnessing your photos/videos/upcoming visibility moments?
  • What would you like your community to be inspired to do when witnessing these images or this moment?
  • What wardrobe/outfits will reflect the feelings above, and what props/makeup/items do I need to have gathered so that I can have a potent and powerful shoot?
  • What grounding Queen confidence-boosting practices would feel most helpful for you to prioritize and work with right before your shoot? I.e. meditation, breathwork, power-pose, dancing, yoga, etc… 


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