Can scaling back help you grow?

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Not too long ago, I found myself glued to my computer screen working 12 + hour days 6-7 days a week, staying up till 2 am on the regular, as I was launching my online business.

And, while I was exhausted and on the brink of burnout – there was a level of pride and importance that I felt in approaching business in this overly-doing, masculine-dominated way.

I remember hitting that burnout moment after launching my first official website in 2014 – and after all of that hard work, part of me just wanted to throw the towel in.

I began to get the memo that approaching doing business in this way was unsustainable for me and that ultimately it was stunting my growth.

In 2016, I started studying seasonal earth-based rituals and working with the , and through that work, I remembered that I was indeed part of nature and that ultimately I needed to cycle my business up with the rhythms of the seasons for sustainable growth.

It took me a few more years to dial in my sweet spot around my workflow – but today I’m stoked to say that I’ve created what I call a fem-forward, seasonal-centric, and sustainable business model for myself – one that includes spaciousness, rest, self-care and time for integration, and teach my clients this too.

In fact, right now, I’m on the tail end of my 5-week summer sabbatical (yup, I pre-wrote this message to you), and it feels DAMN good to give myself this gift of rest and pause before the fullness of Fall hits!

Now, I work an average of 25 hours/week, work 6-hour days – 4 days a week, go to bed around 1130 (still a night owl and still working on that!), and take a regular #middaybootybreak or 2 or 3 throughout my day.

I also take off 5 weeks in summer, 4 weeks in winter, and a week or so in Spring and Fall (definitely going Euro-centric for my fem-forward business model!) – and my company is only continuing to grow and expand with that seasonality and spaciousness woven in.

I recognize that not everyone has the privilege of taking this type of time and space off – but I do believe we can all get creative in weaving in more breathing room into our business models and workflows.

So, if there’s one thing I can leave you with from this share today, it’s this:

That overworking most often doesn’t result in more money, flow or freedom – and oftentimes, when we scale back slightly (or a lot) this can lead to more organic expansion occurring in your business.

So, even if it’s just an hour or two a week that you exchange for self-care, a Sunday sabbatical from your phone, or a long weekend of integration after a big launch – I invite you to see where you can open up that space, and what that freed up energy would allow you to do and create.

With love and spaciousness,

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