Breaking down to break on through to the other side…

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Hello Dear Community,

My team and I have recently been in conversation about the very real feelings of resistance, doubt, and frustration that can emerge along the entrepreneurial path.

There are moments when we might feel fear around making a big investment or an important decision in our business…

Or, we might feel the need to pause, shift gears or even pull a plan from the table when life and curveballs get thrown our way.

During these moments, feelings of failure, fraud, or frustration can come up for us.

But, oftentimes, it’s these moments of fear and doubt, feeling defeated, or like we’re failing – those breakdown moments, that inspire the next level of growth and expansion. 

It’s through leaning into these moments, working with the feelings coming up rather than resisting them, and celebrating our wins, big or small, that have the capacity to inch us closer to manifesting our visions and dreams. 

AND, speaking of honoring wins big or small…this is another piece that I feel is so important to the transformational process.

It’s so easy to look at what we haven’t accomplished in our lives and businesses.

But, creating the space to honor your achievements big or small—whether it’s actual money coming in, or the courageous steps you’ve taken and the learnings you’re receiving is SO very important, and can help drive inspired action towards your visions and dreams.

This being said, I  invite you, to the best of your ability, to stay in the energy of learning vs judgment along your entrepreneurial journey, and honor even the small winsas those are often the most challenging, and have the capacity to support you in EVENTUALLY reaching your goals.

That being said, I’d LOVE for you to celebrate 3 wins right now, no matter how small… i.e. asking for help is a win, getting real about your feelings and voicing them is a win, and investing in yourself is a win…

Kindly send us an email at, and share your 3 small (or big) wins/learnings from this week, and my team and I will look forward to celebrating you and all of your Queenness!

Always with love and here for you,

Ashley and Team ABC <3

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