How busting out of your insular comfort bubble can change the course of your business…

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My 40th birthday happened 18 days post lockdown, on 4/5/2020.

And while I was grateful to gather with friends from ’round the country for an ’80s-inspired Zoom 40th b-day bash, it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind for celebrating the completion of my 4th decade!

This year I decided to DO IT UP RIGHT and gift myself 2 INCREDIBLE retreats to attend this April during my b-day month.

Retreat number 1, entitled The Most, led by Rachel Rodgers, Susan Hyatt, and Robert Hartwell, was a business building retreat/workshop that I experienced this past weekend. It was EPIC. I was elated to be in the LIVE company of a diverse and rad group of entrepreneurial women. Beyoncé’s publicist Yvette Noel-Schure was one of the featured speakers, and let me tell you, friends, this Aries Queen was ELATED and on Cloud Freaking 9!

Retreat number 2 will be happening at the end of the month – a yoga and self-care retreat on the island of Kauai, led by one of my besties, Nicole Cronin, and I’m over the moon stoked for that – and for this working mama to sleep in her plush bed for four incredible nights!

As someone who was fiercely committed to holding outdoor retreats during the core of this pandemic, (I led in-person retreats outdoors here at my Petaluma retreat space and countless virtual retreats during these past two years alone). I struggled to find ones to be held in personally. I’m sooooo glad that I pushed the purchase button on these experiences and said YES to my self-care and business in this powerful way.

After this past weekend, I feel inspired, excited, motivated, and pumped up for all that Q2 and beyond has to offer… I’m super jazzed to share some of the badass ideas that got ignited at that event!

Also, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – as fempreneurs, I believe it’s 100% IMPERATIVE that we allow ourselves to be on the opposite side of holding space for everything else in our lives. In our businesses, partners, kiddos, extended family, friends, etc.

We’ve gotta bust out of our comfy, isolated, and insular bubbles – and allow ourselves to be stretched out of our comfort zones to UPLEVEL our missions and actualize our visions.

And, for me, I needed some IN PERSON inspiration to kick it up a notch this year – and so grateful that I experienced that for my 42nd revolution around the sun.

So, friends, get yourself out from behind that computer screen and get your sweet buns into that room or onto that land where you can be stretched, inspired, guided, and held. You won’t regret it, and it’ll do your mind, body, soul, and business SO MUCH DAMN GOOD.

With love and gratitude,

PS—Are you ready to get inspired + stretched out of your comfort zone, build the confidence + clarity to raise your rates, gain greater visibility and go after your visions, goals, and dreams with unwavering devotion? If so, email me directly at about our Private UNINHIBITED VIP VISION RETREAT Experience. This private customized retreat is NEXT freaking LEVEL…, and I can’t wait to share the details with you. Shoot me a message, and you and I can set up a time to chat and explore the possibilities! <3


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