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Hello Dear Community, 

Tomorrow is Earth Day, one most important days of the year (although I’m a big fan of celebrating #earthdayeveryday ), and this year I want to shine the spotlight on a semi-local non-profit that my company’s been following and supporting for some time now – The Center for Natural Lands Management (CNLM).

CNLM was founded in 1990, they protect and manage preserves in the states of California and Washington, and all of the preserves provide refuge for threatened or endangered species or protect rare and sensitive habitats such as wetlands.

Their focus is perpetual conservation – each preserve they conserve is assigned to a specific member of the CNLM staff, establishing a direct relationship that provides the context needed for the best care for the species on site.

If you’re feeling called to donate to this heart-driven non-profit, we encourage you to do so HERE

Other actions you take, such as signing bills and treaties against deforestation, plastics, and fast fashion can be found on the Earth Day website HERE.

I also HIGHLY recommend investing in a Zero Waste Box, to help “eliminate the idea of waste” and “recycle the unrecyclable”. They usually have Earth Day deals on their boxes, and I recommend going this route to help “green up” your home and business.

Lastly, please don’t forget to show the great mother (Earth, that is!) some respect this weekend by spending more time in nature, planting something big or small, or singing her a sweet song. Practicing reciprocity is key to healing our relationship with our Earthly home, and can take many different forms…

I believe that it’s our small and collective actions that will make a big difference for our children and future generations to come, so I invite you to please take loving action now.

All right dear ones, sending so much love your way, and wishing you a happy Earth Day! 

PS—I’ve been showing up a little more on Social these days…and having fun with it! Please come join me over at IG @ashleyburnettco – would love to drop in deeper with you over there! <3

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