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Passion, PLEASURE, blossoming, renewal.

Hope, balance, abundance, freshness.

Confidence in who you are and what you want to achieve in life…

These are all common themes of the Spring Equinox – which in case you didn’t know, took place this past Sunday, friends!

On Sunday, we were at a moment of balance and equilibrium regarding the length of day and night..

And, from this point forward, the light begins to overtake the darkness – woohoo!

It’s also the Astrological New Year in Aries (my sign baby!), associated with the energy of youth and the time of year to prepare for the budding of new life…

Last night, the brilliant womxn of the Soulstice Sisterhood gathered together here at my Petaluma retreat space for our Spring Equinox Retreat. (I also led a 3-day retreat last week for the Uninhibited Mastermind – keeping the transformational retreat energy flowing!)

We meditated and relaxed, danced and deep belly laughed, journaled, shared, experienced an epic sound bath, went on a healing herb walk, ate, drank, and communed together around the fire – it was sooo damn good!

During the eve journaling and discussion portion, we explored the theme of balance – investigating what the word means to us, what areas of our lives and businesses could benefit from more of it, and how to call it in.

Answer the supportive q’s below, and check out some inspiring spring renewal rituals to play with during this exuberant time of year.

I hope you enjoy these inquiries and rituals, have fun with your friends, and happy spring blossoming!




Spring Journaling Questions For You:

1. What does the word balance specifically mean to you?

2.  What area(s) of your life will benefit from more balance or rhythm? (business, relationships, spiritual life, physicality)

3. What are the places in your day-to-day that a sense of balance/rhythm/flow is not being accessed/or feels blocked?

4. How will you benefit by incorporating more balance and rhythm in these areas, and how will you act and feel differently moving forward?

5. What will begin to open up and blossom for you when you operate from this space?

6. What are 1-3 actions/rituals you can adopt to create a more balanced rhythm in your life?

Spring Ritual Ideas:

  1. Hire a trained herbalist to take you on an herbal walk on the land you live on – and make tea or tinctures from the healing herbs.
  2. Plant and scatter wildflower seeds (perhaps in your b-day suit!) as you ignite your intentions for spring.
  3. Create an uber nourishing foot bath. Supplies: basin, warm water, essential oils, flowers, salt, towel…ahhhh!
  4. Build a spring altar, make flower crowns, and wear lots of flowers in your hair. <3

Spring Thyme Brew to Calm the Nerves and Boost Your Confidence (by Alison Davies)

1 handful thyme, freshly chopped
1 lemon, sliced
1Tsb honey
Steeping Jar
Serving Jug

Add boiling water to Thyme and lemon juice in a covered jar.
Steep for 10 minutes
Strain into serving jug
Stir in a teaspoon of honey repeating the affirmation:
“Courage and Confidence is my destiny!”

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