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Hello dear ones!

This past Tuesday kicked off the seasonal festival of Imbolc (meaning “In the Belly” in Gaelic), and marked the exact midpoint between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. 

This is the time of year when Mama Earth is pregnant with possibility – taking a big belly breath before launching fully into the budding excitement of spring…I LOVE this time of year so freaking much!

Last night I met with the incredible womxn of the Soulstice Sisterhood exploring Imbolc’s themes: planting seeds, igniting possibility, setting intentions for new beginnings, fresh energy, beginner’s mind, and igniting a deep sense of hope, faith and trust in the budding cycle ahead.

During our restorative kick-off retreat, (1 out of 8 positioned around the solstices, equinoxes, and direct halfway points in between them) we set strong intentions, nourished our nerves through a walking meditation, released the gunk through a MUCH NEEDED dance jam, ignited our intentions for the year through a nature-based healing ritual, and journaled and mused together on these coming of spring themes, on the serene land I live on here in Petaluma, CA.

I feel SO strongly that we’re being called to really play in this space of POSSIBILITY right now, and to gather again in person after 2 years of isolation, and what feels like suppression of our soul’s full expression…

That being said, I’m excited to share some of these musings with you, so please see below for those inquiries and ritual ideas that we explored at our retreat – may they nourish and ground you as you set intentions of hope and possibility for the coming year ahead.

And, if the Soulstice Sisterhood is speaking to you, I do want you to know that we have space to welcome a few more aligned womxn into our year-long circle. :)

The group is nearly filled with current and past attendees/clients, AND we do have a few more spots left, so CLICK HERE if this is speaking to you and we can hop on the phone to connect and explore about you joining our supportive 2022 cohort!

The Soulstice Sisterhood is a womxn’s self-care and leadership circle, all about giving ourselves permission to be on the other side of holding space for everyone else as heart-centered entrepreneurs and women in leadership…

It’s about aligning our lives, leadership, and the way we experience the world with the rhythms and cycles of nature, and is really about fiercely prioritizing our self-care, creative expression, connection with nature, and spiritual development – and is a ripe opportunity to SOOTHE our nervous systems, hearts, bodies, and souls during this unparalleled time.

If you’re local to the Bay Area or near enough by, and you’re ready to be held by a powerful and supportive community in person this year, CLICK HERE to learn more about the circle and to book a time to explore with me. We’d be beyond honored to connect with you and welcome you into our circle with open hearts and open arms.

Always with love, 




Imbolc Journaling Questions & Ritual Ideas:

  1. How can you begin to play with weaving in the idea of possibility, pause and breath in your daily life before the activity of spring is in full swing?
  2. How can you infuse a sense of joy, lightness, play and excitement into this new year and next cycle?
  3. How can a “Beginner’s Mind” and activating the “maiden self” be useful for you this season? (i.e. fresh perspective, excitement, “I still like to…” and “I’m not too old to…”)
  4. What dreams and visions would you like to plant, with the intention to blossom this year?
  5. What elements of the theme of POSSIBILITY would you like to call on to support you in birthing that intention? 
  6. What next right action and rituals need to be put in place for these seeds of intention to blossom and unfold?

Imbolc Ritual Ideas:

  • Create a Possibility Pouch –

Fill a Muslim baggie with your words or intentions for the year written on a pretty piece of paper – include your dreams, vision, and manifestations. Add in Dried Herbs, flowers, and seeds. Ideas: Rose, rosemary, calendula. Leave on a hearth or mantle and meditate on them daily.

  • Plant a small plant for your coming of spring altar – infuse your dreams, hopes, wishes, and prayers for the year into the soil as you plant. Take a moment to let these intentions infuse, give it love and watch it grow. We invite you to dig in the dirt with your hands – smell, feel, and see the life-giving magic of the Earth. 
  • Make paper cutouts in the shape of seeds or petals – write your intentions on these seeds, and present them to your altar.
    • Option: to place them in a jar or wax paper, plant them in the earth and dig them up at the end of the year. Then bless water and symbolically “water your seeds”, and mark your sacred spot with a crystal, rock, or flowers.


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