How rooting into your WHY can help boost your income and impact..

Lead With Strength. Embody Your Truth. Spread The Love.

Hello dear ones!

Whenever I start a coaching process with a client, whether it be in a group or private program setting, we start with uncovering their big WHY…

The why behind the work they’re being called to do in the world, and behind their specific goals, visions and dreams. 

Here’s the truth, friends…as Simon Sinek shares in his Ted Talk, How Great Leaders Inspire Action, and in his book, Start With Why, people don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it. 

People invest in your mission, your why, your passion, and your ENERGY. 

And, they invest in your products or services because your WHY inspires them – to take bold action and become a more deeply aligned version of themselves.

When you’re promoting and sharing about your offerings, you’ve always, always, always gotta lead with that Why, and let your why and your mission move you forward. 

To tap more deeply into your BIG WHY, ask yourself these 6 empowering questions to support you in clarifying your mission, and let your WHY lead the way towards your desires and dreams:

  1. Why are you feeling called to build out the specific body of work or passion project that you’re being called to create?
  2. Why do you feel called to serve in the way you’re being called to right now?
  3. Who do you most want to support through your business and or passion project, and why specifically?
  4. What do you most want to achieve through sharing your offerings or passion projects with the world? Think both on an inner and outer level, and both on a personal and collective level.
  5. What will actualizing those achievements do for you, and what is the positive impact and ripple effect that will be created through your acts of service? 
  6. How can you further weave your WHY into your website, branding materials, marketing materials, social media posts – and inspire your community to take bold action?

* BONUS ACTION: Listen to Simon Sinek’s TED Talk entitled “How Great Leaders Inspire Action” and his book entitled ​Start With Why​ to help you get more deeply rooted in your WHY. 

I hope these inquiries serve you well and will catch you again next week!




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