How to make more $ and be more productive by working less… <3

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Hello dear ones,

One of the things on my mind as of late is how overworked and overstressed we are in this modern western culture of ours… 

There’s a common belief that if we work harder, we ultimately will be more productive. 

And believe me, I’ve been there and have held that belief in the past.

When I first started this business 10 years ago, I found myself burning the candle at both ends – busting my buns to start a new online business, working 12+ hours a day, and being disconnected from my creativity and joy.

I equated success in this new coaching career with hours upon hours of disciplined work and thought I had to sacrifice doing what I loved in order to achieve my dreams.

But, over the years I’ve realized that this old outdated patriarchal model of doing business couldn’t feel more misaligned for me.

And, what I’ve found to be true for myself, is that the more I sync up my biz with the cycles and seasons of the natural world, create spaciousness within my business model, and slow the eff down – the more productive I actually am, and the more my business and life flourishes.

That’s why in more recent years I’ve:

  • Gone from a 60+ hour work week to a 20-25 hour a week workflow…
  • Adopted a Mediterranean style, seasonally focused business model, where I take a month off in July, a month off in December, and a week in spring and fall. (I’m about to sign off for a long winter’s nap my friends, and am so freaking excited about it!)
  • Been able to more than 5x my business revenue since those 12+ hour haggard workdays, working considerably less. 

If there’s one thing I’m certain of, life’s too damn short to work it all away.

And, if you run a business, you have the freedom and the reins to design and create it in a way that feels fully aligned for you.

The truth is that this life isn’t a dress rehearsal. The time is NOW to live a life of pleasure, freedom, balance and joy – and to create a greater positive impact while feeling nourished along the way.

So, if you’re picking up what I’m putting down, please know I’m going to be riffing on this seasonal alignment stuff more in the coming year – and if you know you want to expand and align your business and leadership in the new year by making more and working less, I invite you to join me for my annual Rise & Thrive Workshop that I’m holding on Friday, January 7th. 

I’d love to revolutionize feminine business with you…and you can RESERVE YOUR SPOT HERE to be a part of that MAGIC. 

Until then, I invite you to create some space and downtime for taking that well-deserved long winter’s nap yourself…

Dedicate some intentional space for restoration and set strong boundaries (take that social media detox and turn off those phone notifications, y’all!) so that you can receive the full nourishment that this season has to offer – if you give yourself permission to slow down enough to catch it!

Also, during my time off, my team will be sending out an oldie but goodie email reminding you of the Winter Solstice, taking a company-wide 2-week break, then sending a couple of additional emails about the free workshop at the end of this year/beginning of next – please feel free to spread the good word! 

All right dear ones, that’s all for now. Take very good care of yourselves, rest well, have a super sweet holiday season, and wishing you and yours all of the best!

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