Will you join me this Giving Tuesday?

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Hello dear community,

Today is Giving Tuesday, the one day of the year specifically created for giving back to charities!

There are many different causes to get involved in, and Ashley Burnett & Co chooses to give back to many throughout the year, but on this day I’d like to spread the love about a nonprofit organization called Kurandza who provides life-changing education for girls in Mozambique.

I’ve been involved with Kurandza since my friend Elisabetta started the nonprofit back in 2017, and it’s been an absolute honor and privilege to witness the positive impact and growth this company has been able to make over the past few years…

Kurandza’s office building in Chivonguene is in need of some updates. Made by hand of mud, it lacks durability and isn’t large enough for the girls to socially distance per government regulations. On top of that, when it rains, they have nowhere to conduct literacy sessions.

Their dream is to build and furnish a new space complete with a classroom, staff room, childcare room, kitchen, and bathroom. These upgrades would give the girls and staff a beautiful, healthy learning environment to be proud of. A place where they can collaborate, thrive and grow.

I’m reaching out to you to ask…

Would you join me in making their dream come to life?

The fundraiser is ONE DAY ONLY and we need to raise $10,000 to meet our goal! You can make a tax-deductible donation by clicking this link here:

I know there are a lot of important causes to give your attention to these days so from the bottom of my heart – thank you for considering one closest to mine.

Cheers to the impactful power of this day and sending so much love your way!

With gratitude,




P.S. If making a donation isn’t your thing – I’d so appreciate you spreading the word or giving Kurandza a follow on Facebook or Instagram.

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