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Hello dear community!

A quick moment of celebration before I share today’s content with you – I just completed leading the 2021 Unleash Your Impact Cohort and it was ABSOLUTELY incredible! 

We received such positive feedback about the course, and it was such a wildly supportive community this year… 

I’m in awe of how much these badass babes brought it during this experience, and I’m beyond elated for this community and container of support! Massive congrats Unleashers!!

One of the pieces that we discussed in the course was around how to price one’s heart-centered offerings, and this is one of the things I see soooo many holistic and creative entrepreneurs struggling with. 

Doubt, fear and overwhelm are common sidekicks to the process…but, the good news is that there are simple steps you can take to dial in how to price your offerings with more ease, alignment, authenticity, and flow. 

My team and I have recently created a new guide called How to Price Your Heart-Centered Programs with Queen Confidence, and we’d love to share it with you…

Click Here to Access Your FREE Guide

In this supportive guide, we cover how to:

  • Get crystal clarity on your numbers, and desired money goals
  • Set aligned prices with your value, time, and intellectual property in mind
  • Take a baby-step approach around raising your rates
  • Get fully behind the value of your offering
  • Keep your offerings accessible, and so much more…

I’m on fire around supporting change-making fempreneurs in becoming more empowered, visible, and profitable in their respective businesses…

And, getting fully behind the value of your offering and pricing accordingly is a MASSIVE part of that process.

Click Here to Access Your FREE Guide, and we look forward to supporting you around pricing your offerings in a way that feels aligned and authentic – and FULLY owning your value too!

All right, dear ones! I hope you dig this guide as much as I do, and as always, I’m sending so much love your way!



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