Cheers to 10 years!!!

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Hello dear community,

I hope to find you savoring the deep dance into Autumn, and that you enjoy this reflective post I have for you today. <3

Last Friday I got on a celebratory call with my dear friend and longtime mastermind buddy Laura Thompson Brady.

We’d recently come to the realization that it had been 10 years to the month that we’d met for the first time while embarking on our coaching careers as students at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). 

In that program, we were assigned a coach of our own to get a taste of what it would feel like to be coached, and we were placed into a private Facebook group by that mentor.

Laura had reached out to me privately on FB, and being the intuitive soul that she is, she shared that she felt a connection and asked if I’d like to drop in with her 1-1. 

A couple of months later we flew from opposite ends of the country (I was living in SF and she in Maine) to NYC and met up in person at one of IIN’s live events – and became fast friends. 

Since then, we’ve hired our first and second business coaches, invested in multiple coaching programs and hired and shared our first team members together (one of which, the incredible Rani MacNeal is still on my team to this day!)

We also became consistent mastermind buddies for many years, joined forces co-hosting the Dare To Be Seen & Heard Online Conference with over 2000 participants, and she flew out to California after we’d only met in person a couple of times prior, to sing at my wedding…

It’s absolutely been a wild and rewarding ride to say the least!

On our celebratory call, we took a moment near the end to reflect on what we’ve done for each other on this path… 

We both came to the conclusion that neither of us would be sitting here doing the impact-driven work that we’re doing now, without the support of each other. 

When we embarked on this coaching journey, this was absolutely uncharted territory for the both of us…we were super green at this work, and who the heck knows where we’d be if we didn’t have each other to stretch ourselves out of our comfort zones with!

We also reflected on the fact that the entrepreneurial ride is challenging –  and at times it can feel like you’re a solitary trailblazer, paving paths and roads that haven’t been carved before. 

The journey can feel isolating and intimidating for sure (especially in the solopreneur phase!), but I have to say, it’s been MUCH LESS SO with the support of my mastermind bud, our coaches, and the communities we’ve been a part of – as well as the collective and respective communities that we’ve been able to build from receiving that level of support.

I’m so grateful to Laura and her steadfast guidance, feedback and friendship over the years…

And I’m so grateful that I decided to bet on myself and my future in this way 10 years ago by becoming a coach and the support I needed to take my business to the next level. 

My life has changed and transformed for the better in soooo many ways, and I’m excited to see what the next 10 years have in store…

Friends, find your buddies and your supportive community…hold them close, lean into each other, and give yourself permission to get the support you need to THRIVE. 

I truly believe that this is THE recipe for success on your entrepreneurial path… 

And, here are some big heart-centered CHEERS to 10 transformational years! 




P.S. If you’re a Bay Area local, please join my dear friend and client Karen Miles for her incredible Flow into Friday class at my retreat space, this Friday, October 15th at 5 pm. We will drop into a grounding meditation and enlivening vinyasa flow practice followed by a blissed-out happy hour featuring her hubby’s sustainable (and delicious) wine company @GrooveWines . We have sooo much fun at these gatherings and would love to see you there. Go HERE to register and look forward to dropping in with you later this week!

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