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Hello dear community,

A big warm welcome to all of you who are new to the ABC community – and massive hugs to those who’ve been around the block! I appreciate you and want to thank you for having me in your inbox more frequently over the next 2 weeks as I discuss all things Unleash Your Impact!

Speaking of which…here are some sad stats I’d like to share with you.

​Did you know that womxn own 51% of all businesses in the United States, but only bring in 4.2% of the revenue?

And only 6% of women make 100k+ per year, and 2% at 1M+?

Who’s with me that this funk has gotta change?!

It’s time for us to release our ancient patriarchal-driven money stories and let go of the outdated limiting beliefs that hold us back from building wealth, freedom and autonomy in our lives.

That’s why I’m thrilled to share that I’m holding a FREE workshop this coming Thursday 9/23 called Unleash Your Impact: 5 Queen Skills to Increase Your Income, Fill Your Groups & Retreats, and Become a WILDLY Impactful Leader, where I’m aiming to help shift those grim stats!

In this game-changing 90 min training, you’ll learn to:

  • Avoid missing out on thousands of $’s of revenue per year utilizing one of my favorite simple, heart-centered strategies.
  • Move away from a $/hour & 1-1 business model for heightened income and impact.
  • Embrace a PLEASURE-based business model and why it’s vital to success.
  • Create a close-knit community that has your participants keep coming back to work with you for years.
  • Try on Ashley’s KEY tip every group facilitator needs to know to avoid burn

SIGN UP HERE TO JOIN US on Thursday at 11am PT, with your bar of dark chocolate and a cuppa in hand to find out how you can boost your earnings – even in the midst of this worldwide pandemic.


You’re gonna walk away super inspired and empowered, with massive amounts of clarity on how to call in more income and impact this year – and do it all with pleasure, joy and soul.


I can’t wait to dive into this content with you – and look so forward to seeing you there!

Always with love,




P.S. To RSVP and secure your spot, click HERE – let’s freaking DO this !

P.P.S. It’s truly my desire to share these advanced group facilitation and business expansion skills with as many aligned womxn as possible. We are truly stronger together in creating the widespread positive ripple-effect we want to see, so if this is speaking to you, feel free to forward this to a friend who comes to mind and share with your communities too!


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