Happy Fall Equinox and Unleash workshop tomorrow!

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Hello, beautiful community!

Happy Autumn Equinox to you. This sacred time of year is all about celebrating the fullness of your harvest, both big and small, honoring whatever it is that you’ve been working so diligently at this year, and celebrating all the ways you’ve been showing up – even if what has manifested thus far isn’t exactly what you thought it would look like!

I talked a lot about this at the autumn equinox retreat that I led the past week for my beloved clients and the importance of fully taking in “the view” and relishing in the celebratory harvest before climbing that next big peak!

That being said, something that I’m in full celebration of at the moment is that I’m about to lead my invaluable FREE online workshop – Unleash Your Impact coming up tomorrow, Thursday 9/23.

If you haven’t registered yet… go HERE now to secure your spot.  

This is something that I typically only do once or twice a year, and my team and I put sooo much good, heart-felt energy, and juju into the lead-up, so I’ll be celebrating that FOR SURE on Thursday with you all…

During the workshop, I’ll be sharing my favorite 5 Queen Skills to Become a WILDLY Impactful Leader, Increase your Income, and Constantly Fill Your Transformational Groups and Retreats, and I absolutely do not want you to miss out on this magic!

Regardless if you’ve been teaching and leading groups for years, or you’re just now marinating on that idea, I assure you that this will be advanced and game-changing info that can radically change the course of your life and business.

If you haven’t registered yet… go HERE now to secure your spot.  

The global community of compassionate womxn change-makers from around the world coming together for this is EXTRAORDINARY – you will absolutely ADORE these righteous babes, and so can’t wait to share this special and sacred space with you on Thursday!

See you soon, and sending SO much love as we shift into the autumn spoke of the wheel,





PS: This is the final email I’ll be sending about the workshop…I so hope you’ll join us HERE! <3


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