How to re-ignite, re-invigorate and re-inspire your work…

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Hello dear community!

I hope to find you well and enjoying the endings of summer and stirrings of fall. <3

I just emerged from a 6-week work sabbatical – visited my pop in the Midwest after a year and 9 months of not seeing each other, got to spend lots and lots of quality time with my sweet little 2-year-old Quintin, and even snuck in an epic family trip to Alaska to the Denali backcountry wilderness.

And while this break most certainly was NOT the most restorative one I’ve ever taken (2 big trips with a toddler is definitely ALOTTA work!), there’s something magical that can happen when one turns off ones business for a bit.

I now feel more connected, inspired and jazzed about my work in general.

I’ve had space to call in a deeper sense of clarity around some of the next-steps and visions around my business.

I created space to work with a naturopath to restore my energetic reserves.

I’m feeling so much more ready and rearing to go around my fall projects – and excited about the offerings we have cooking up for you this fall…cue our upcoming Unleash Your Impact campaign…soooo excited for this upcoming launch y’all!

If we don’t give ourselves permission to weave in breaks and blank space into our seasonal schedules, it’s tough to gain the perspective necessary for the clarity that we seek.

So, if there’s one thing I can leave you with from this post today, it’s this:

Any relationship, including the one between you and your business needs breathing space from time to time…

And, you’re SO deserving of taking space and time off in your business.

Your business needs you to take space from it to THRIVE.

And, when we take space, this is when the JUICE and magic and hits of inspiration have the opportunity to flood in.

Even if it’s just for a day or a long weekend, where you turn it ALL off, sometimes that’s all that’s needed to get that hit or download.

So, ask yourself:

If you were to take a day, or a couple of days, or even a couple of weeks away from your business, what would that freed up energy allow for you to do and create?

When would you like to take that space specifically?

And what boundaries or support pieces do you need to put in place so that you can take that space?

Create that blank space in your calendar now (even if it’s just for a day), and open up to the possibility of getting re-ignited, re-invigorated and re-inspired around your work! <3

Feel free to share your plans with me by hitting reply to this email, and I’ll look forward to holding you accountable – it’s soooo important to give ourselves these types of breaks!

All right dear friends, so much love to you and your tender hearts as we navigate this intense and ever-changing world together, and sending so much love and well wishes your way!

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