A 3 step process for strengthening your intuition and decision making abilities…

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Part of expanding your wise queen leadership is strengthening your intuitive skills.

Through connecting deeply with your intuition, you’ll learn to calm down and release any residual fear and doubt that so often arises on the entrepreneurial path, and learn to trust in your unique process, timeline, and ability to make clear and empowered decisions for your business and life moving forward.

Over the next few weeks, I want to share a process I taught in the Uninhibited Mastermind earlier this year that is inquisitive and embodied and will support you rewiring any residual fear and doubt you may be experiencing on your entrepreneurial or leadership journey so that you can step forward for your business with strength, ground, and grace. 

Here’s the step by step and hope you enjoy this process:

Step 1 – Strengthen Your Intuition

  1. Pause and Create Space – More often than not, we push through, do too much and try SO hard to do all of the things to make our businesses, practices, and passion projects work. 

And while the hustle and action taking is absolutely necessary, I’ve discovered over the years that the more I slow down, create space, pause and breathe throughout the process, the more magic and flow is infused into the entrepreneurial experience.

Ask yourself:

    • Where can I begin to create more spaciousness in my life and business? If even for 5 or 10 minutes here or there, how can I create more blank space in my day?
    • Where are the moments in my business where breath and pause is necessary to weave in? 

* For example, if you’re experiencing writer’s block – can you get up and do a booty break, walking meditation, or grounding moment in nature? 

If we listen deeply to ourselves and honor the shift of perspective that’s needed in these moments, typically this is where the block of flow is released and the hit of inspiration happens or aha moment occurs. 

  1. Listen to your gut instincts – just like in your brain, there are literally neurotransmitters in your gut…so I invite you to really take notice of the physical sensations you feel around any decision-making process in your business.

As you find yourself making a decision around something in your business or practice, ask yourself:

Will saying yes around this or going in this direction make me feel excited and at ease? Or does it feel heavy and nauseating?

 It doesn’t mean that there isn’t fear as part of your decision making process, but if it feels heavy and dark, it’s most likely not the way or the path…

* Bonus Action:  Ask yourself a question that you have right now in relation to your business, practice or passion project to test out your gut instincts.

  1. Pay attention to energetics and feelings – This piece focuses on observing and taking notice of what makes you tired and drained in your business or practice, or excited and jazzed, and can be super helpful when you’re in the process of hiring a support squad/team too.

This is about noticing the physical sensations you feel around the tasks that you’re currently doing and engaging in, and to begin to delegate out what feels soul sucking and out of alignment for you to be doing so that you can be operating your business or practice from a more deeply aligned place. 

Alright, beautiful people, I hope these inquiries are helpful and I’ll be back next week with more support on strengthening your Wise Queen Leadership.

Always with love, 

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