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Hello beautiful people, happy FULL ON, vibrant spring!

Today marks the ancient Celtic Festival of Bealtaine (the direct halfway point between the spring equinox + summer solstice, and translates to “Mouth of Fire” in Gaelic), and is the perfect time to reignite our creative expression, sensuality, sexuality, PASSION and what really lights us up!

On Thursday, I geared up for this special season with an ode and recommitment to one of my soul’s passions, DANCE. (You can watch the little recommitment dance video that I posted on Instagram .)

And today, I’m attending my friend Nicole Cronin’s daylong yoga retreat at The Farm, and having my very first night away from my sweet boy Quintin…it’s a big time of transition over here and we’re feeling ALL the feels – wish us luck!

So during this Bealtaine season, when nature is bursting at the seams with blossoming and creative energy, it’s the perfect time to get curious about how we can reignite that sense of creative vitality, pleasure and wonder.

It’s also a ripe opportunity to ponder how we can weave more of that creative JUICE into our businesses, work lives, personal lives and relationships.

If we give ourselves permission to slow down and tune into this wild and fertile energy of nature during this season – SOOO much of what we’ve been questioning in our lives and businesses becomes clear…

The inspirational hits come through with ease, the creative flow starts pouring in, and the possibilities become endless as to what we can create!

And, I’m feeling it BIG TIME and sooo excited about some new ABC offerings and happenings that have come through for me over the past 2 weeks – will share more on all of that with you soon. :)

In the meantime, here are some creativity invoking questions and rituals for you to consider during this most exciting Bealtaine Season:

  1. I feel most creatively alive and inspired when I’m…
  2. What are the creative parts of me that feel under-expressed, that I’m ready NOW to reclaim?
  3. What loving boundaries need to be put into place so that I can connect with these creative parts of myself more often?
  4. What actions/rituals would I like to create so that I can weave more creative juice into my business, work-life, and personal life?

Beltane Season Ritual Ideas:

  1. Fire Dancing: Around a fire, unleash your WILD, creative self. Move, sing, dance, drum. Ignite the heat + PASSION within you, and send your wishes and intentions to be ignited by the fire
  2. Dress in what makes you feel most sensual, in your creative power and fully self-expressed.
  3. Hold a rose + lavender tea ceremony outdoors while offering fertility prayers on the land you reside on.
  4. Build a Beltane Altar – Ideas: Light a candle (Fire Theme!), LOTS OF bright and vibrant FLOWERS, and fertility symbols. Colors: Reds, Pink and Vibrant Spring Colors

All right dear friends, I hope you enjoy the abundantly creative and fertile energy of this season, and sending so much love your way,

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