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This past Wednesday I kicked off Month 5 of the 2021 Uninhibited Mastermind cohort entitled Express – Activate Your Voice.

Month 5 is connected to the 5th (Throat) Chakra and focuses on amplifying the voice through building out and creating an epic 15 minute TED Style Uninhibited Signature Talk.

This month also directly relates to the 11th Core Mindset of an Uninhibited Business Queen featured in my most recently released Ebook:

An Uninhibited QUEEN isn’t timid around speaking her truth and setting strong boundaries.

She vulnerably uses her voice to create a more JUST world through the work she engages in on a daily basis, and knows she isn’t gonna appeal to everyone – so she dares to radically speak up for what she believes in.

An Uninhibited Queen has learned the advanced skill of communicating clearly and openly with her people – even when it feels uncomfortable…and she tunes into what disconnects her from her power and sets strong and loving boundaries around those things.

She sets clear boundaries around her time, her energy, her relationship with technology, her policies, and what’s expected of herself, AS WELL AS her clients, team, and community.

I believe it’s imperative for us to courageously amplify our voices to create the positive systemic change that we want to see in the world.

And it’s up to us to cultivate the courage, clarity, and confidence to speak our truth so that we can magnify the mission-driven impact that we’re meant to create.

With that said, here are some powerful Voice Activating questions for you to chew on and the next right actions for you to take:

1. If there was one thing that you could say to your community or leave them with…what would that be?

2. If you were to not censor your voice in your life, leadership, and business, what would you say?

3. When you are fully owning your voice and speaking your truth, what will positively shift for you in your life, and what’s the positive ripple effect that that will create?

4. What limiting beliefs around using your voice are you ready to release and rewire?

5. What’s one small ritual you can implement now to start activating your voice?

All right beautiful people, loving you and honoring your wildly unique and uninhibited voice,

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