How to eradicate the myth of perfectionism…

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Hello dear ones! I hope you’re having an inspiring spring season, and I’m excited to drop back in with you this week after taking my spring break!

Today I feel called to talk about the myth of perfectionism.

I see this time and time again in my coaching practice – my clients feeling the need to perfect something, whether it be a talk, workshop, blog post or new program, and tie it up in a silky smooth bow before putting it out into the world.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of polishing and dialing something in for sure, but the truth is that PERFECTION doesn’t actually exist.

I remember feeling awestruck after watching a documentary by the late great Steven Hawking after he shared this quote in the show:

“One of the basic rules of the universe is that nothing is perfect. Perfection simply doesn’t exist… without imperfection, neither you nor I would exist.” ~Steven Hawking

After I heard that quote, I felt deep sense of peace and release…

Because if perfection doesn’t actually exist in the Universe, then we can let go of our desire for everything that we produce and put out into the world being “perfect.”

This quote inspired me in the creation of one of the in my Ebook I wrote and released last year…

An Uninhibited Queen is committed to releasing the myth of perfectionism:

She recognizes that the idea of perfectionism is a manmade farce, she owns her fumbles and challenges, and acknowledges them as catalysts to her growth.

An Uninhibited Queen doesn’t let her fear around making a mistake stop her from taking action – she feels the fear and does it anyway.

She cultivates the courage to voice her missteps, humbly learns from those blunders (looks for the lessons in them), and goes on to teach and lead her community from those transformative lessons.

Here’s the truth: Whether you’re first starting out, or you’re a pro in your field, perfection simply isn’t possible.

And it’s oftentimes the lessons we learn from the challenges we experience that help us go on to be more effective teachers and leaders.

There are FOR SURE ways to shortcut the process of feeling confident, clear and polished about what you’re creating and putting out there – like through hiring a coach and getting support in the area you’re desiring to grow in (and I HIGHLY recommend doing that).

But the perfection piece…well babe, you can just LET THAT GO.

Hell freaking yes! Doesn’t that feel good?!

So ask yourself:

Where can I loosen the grip on perfectionism?

What is good enough and needs to be launched out there right now as is?

What’s your WHY? And let that be your anchor for courageously putting yourself out there, imperfection, butterflies and all!

Lastly, speaking of catapulting your growth (without miss perfectionism rearing her pesky little head!) – I’m STOKED to share that I’ve just released 3 SPOTS ONLY for my Private VIP Deep Dive VISION Retreat Experience.

This is a limited time, customized offering in the form of a luxurious half-day retreat with me here on the magical and inspiring Sonoma County land I live on (or virtually) + 2 private follow up coaching sessions.

During the experience we’ll dive deep into clarifying your mission and vision for the 2nd half of 2021, mapping out your goals (both with offerings + financials), and hone in your seasonal schedule and launch calendar for the remainder of this year – providing you with a crystal clear plan of action moving forward this spring and summer.

for this golden opportunity to propel your business forward and looking forward to connecting 1-1 with you soon.

Sending so much love, and happy embracing of the wildly beautiful, imperfect entrepreneurial journey you’re on,

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