Earth Day 2021 – a heartfelt call to action… <3

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Hey friends,

As you know, I’m a big lover of Mama Earth – infusing earth-based ritual into all of my offerings, leading retreats on the serene land I live on, and guiding my clients in working with the cycles and seasons of nature to create flow, time freedom and sustainable business models…

And I imagine that you are too.

But it’s not enough to just be a lover of the earth.

She desperately needs us to take right and aligned action to help halt the repercussions of the industrial revolution and slow down climate change.

Today is Earth Day, and I believe that it’s through collectively taking small yet mighty actions that we’ll create long-term, sustainable change and healing for our Earthly home.

The great David Attenborough shares these two quotes in his most recent documentary A Life on our Planet featured on Netflix:

“Nature is our biggest ally and our greatest inspiration”

“We need to go from moving apart from nature to being A PART of nature once again.”

Friends, we MUST try and do better and work and live in harmony with the Earth – the future of our planet truly depends on it.

Believe it or not but (the Zero Waste recycling company that my family and business subscribes to) shared that it’s estimated that we produced 30% more waste during the pandemic than in the previous year.

When I read that statistic, I gasped out loud.

It’s not surprising per say, since we’ve been spending SO much more time at home, but that’s a MASSIVE shift in the opposite direction than we need to be going.

So, I most definitely recommend participating in one of their free recycling programs, and if you have the means, use a Zero Waste Box™ to recycle almost everything.

It runs me about $50/month for a box, and while I’m not perfect at it, and am still producing waste – it’s a small personal step in the right direction.

So whether it be investing in a Zero Waste Box™, donating to a nonprofit committed to combatting climate change, picking up trash on your country road, offering a ritual of reciprocity or song to the earth, shifting away from disposable pads, diapers and the like, or biking vs driving, ask yourself what you can do to make a difference today and everyday.

Our children and grandchildren will be so grateful – as our future, and most definitely their future depends on it.

With love and humble reverence for our home sweet home,

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