9 Key Steps to Creating Your Epic Queen Money Love Date

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Hello dear community!

One of the core practices that has radically shifted the trajectory of my life, my business and my $ mindset over the years has been to create and schedule a consistent Epic Money Love Date for myself.

This is a time where me and $ get to really drop in together and deepen and strengthen our relationship.

Think about it… If you don’t spend time nurturing a human relationship, most likely it will fizzle out, fall apart or get the best of you, right?

The same is true of our relationship with our finances.

I know $ can bring up A LOT for folx (believe me, I GET IT!) – and the thought about going on a date with money might feel intimidating to say the least.

But as the old adage goes, what we resist persists…and if we keep avoiding getting intimate with our money, the more that we stay in our stuck in our crusty old patterns.

And I truly don’t want that for you, friend!

Keep reading for 9 Key Steps to Creating Your Epic Queen Money Love Date – and one that’s infused with joy, PLEASURE, lots of chocolate and Rose Gold Goddess Dust. :)

So what do you say friend? Are you ready to radically shift your relationship with money and the trajectory of your business in the coming year? If so, I invite you to dive into these key Queen actions:

9 Key Steps to Creating Your Epic Queen Money Love Date:

  1. Choose a realistic and spacious day/time of the week for your Queen Money Love Date. Schedule it in as a non-negotiable, recurring meeting/date for yourself, just as if you were going to a doctor’s appointment. Look for a time you where know there won’t be any distractions to dive more deeply into your $ mindset and strengthen your relationship with your finances. 
  2. Build a money altar near where you’ll be holding your $ <3 date. Make it feel special and sacred. Add $ bills, coins, books, cards, affirmations, rose gold goddess dust, visuals of what you’re calling in for yourself, your bold and realistic stretch goals etc.
  3. Prep your space and self as if you’re REALLY going on a DATE. Infuse pleasure, joy and ritual into your date – and make it feel really GOOD to you. Think weaving in abundance candles, tea, prosperity essential oils, chocolate, music, and wear comfy, luxurious clothing to your date, etc. Make it feel super sensual, lux and full of pleasure! 
  4. Begin your date by setting an intention. Take a few deep breaths, set your intention for the day, sit with some money mantras, rock a guided money meditation, or say a simple prayer to kick off your date. 
  5. Mindfully tune into your numbers and track on a spreadsheet or in Quick Books. Have what you need available for tracking – the right apps, spreadsheets, software, bank accounts, credit card balances, PayPal/Stripe/Square/Venmo to do your tracking. Track every day, even if it’s a 0, as the more attention we pay to our #’s, the more will come into our bank accounts over time.
  6. Work through your Limiting Beliefs. During each date create space (5-10 min) to work/move through the outdated mindsets that are not serving your right relationship with money. Ask Yourself: What old stories are you telling yourself about $ that you’re ready to let go of? Where do you find yourself shrinking with your money story that you’re ready to move on from? Do some work out of your favorite money love books to help you move through your LB’s. (I def recommend You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero for starters).
  7. Create your new Money Love Story. During each date, create some space (5-10 min) for creating your new abundant belief system. Ask Yourself: What are the new beliefs and feelings around money that you’re ready to fully embody? What new beliefs will help you move towards the abundance you want and see for yourself? What money-generating activities will best support your financial expansion? 
  8. Create space each date to continue to refine your bold $ goals. Ask Yourself: What is the next right aligned action to bring in the income you’d like to generate for the season/quarter/month you’re in? What’s the next realistic mini leap I can take to get myself closer to my goals? Stretch yourself out of your comfort zone, but also be realistic with your time and energy.
  9. Complete your date with abundance and gratitude. Take a moment to honor your efforts, and be grateful to yourself for showing up for this date. Before wrapping your date, make a quick list of all of the ways in which you are already rocking abundance. Give gratitude for every single dollar that comes into your bank account. Fill in the blank: I’m grateful to $ because…

All right beautiful woman, you GOT this! First things first – schedule that recurring money love date for yourself NOW, begin to build your abundance altar, infuse some pleasure and joy into the experience, and get ready to experience some radical shifts in your relationship with $ over the next couple of months!

Always with love,

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