5 Simple Steps to Setting Up Your Passion Project Co-Working Day

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One of the things I most LOVE doing with my Uninhibited Mastermind clients is leading them through our Passion Project Co-Working Days a couple of times a year.

This is a potent opportunity where our power crew gathers together to focus on getting 1-2 projects done in our respective businesses that need a dedicated container to complete – away from all of the email, client calls and the busy work that can so often dominate our entrepreneurial days.

And since the core mission of my business is supporting my clients with setting up Feminine Focused business models, we infuse a TON of joy, pleasure and luscious vibes into the process.

Many of my clients have gone on to run their own mini Passion Project Co-working Days amongst themselves, because they notice how much their productivity skyrockets during these days – and so that they can hold each other accountable to working ON their businesses more frequently. 

And you can too. 

Here are 5 Simple Steps to Setting Up Your Passion Project Co-Working Day:

1. Find a dedicated 3-5 hour window of time in your calendar for your solo or co-working Passion Project Day, and schedule it into your planner now.

2. Hone in on 1-2 specific Passion Projects to start or complete during your two lengthy co-working blocks. 

Here are a few things to consider focusing on during your day:

  • Program curriculum
  • Offering development
  • Business funnel refinement
  • Creative brainstorming on upcoming programming
  • Batch writing newsletters
  • Writing marketing copy
  • Personal outreach
  • Book writing, etc.

3. Begin your day with mindful movement and intention. Move your body to ignite flow, and drop into your why for focusing on this project. Ask yourself: What do I want to focus on and why? How do I want to feel as I go about this day? What’s the greater impact that completing this project will have on my business and extended community?

4. Map out the flow of your day. I.e. If you’ve scheduled a 4 hour co-working day with a buddy of yours, perhaps your schedule looks something like this: 30 min. of mindful movement and intention setting, 75 min. work block, 45 min. break, 75 min. work block, and 15 min. to share your successes and wrap up the day over bubbly.

5. Infuse these tips for success into your day:

  • Create an environment that inspires joy and pleasure – think infusing candles, chocolate, tea, essential oils and anything that brings you joy – and consider working outdoors if weather permits. 
  • Eliminate anything that feels like it could be a distraction – sign out of email and all of your social media apps, turn your phone off (hell take it out of the room even!) and get yourself into a place where folx won’t be able to get ahold of you during your work blocks.
  • Set a timer for your your blocks, and set one in the middle of your work blocks for a mid block booty break!   
  • Have some snacks, tea or cold brew on hand to avoid any energy dips. <3

All right beautiful woman, if this idea is getting you jazzed, start thinking about what project in your business needs that dedicated container, grab your schedule and find a date, perhaps find a bud to rock this out with, and you’ll be floored at what you can accomplish – and the IMPACT it will make on you, your business and the world, when you give yourself this gift! <3

Always with love,

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