Work smarter, not harder in 2021… <3

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Hello dear community, happy 2021 to you… <3

Last week I signed back online after a 3.5 week hibernation hiatus.

The pause was so totally needed, completely received and absolutely integral to the sustainability of my wellbeing, and that my business.


I hope you were able to gift yourself some space to soak up those rightful, restorative winter vibes too…

The truth is, as entrepreneurs, many of us have the freedom to shape our businesses in a way that well serves our energetics, values and desires.

Yet, most of us feel guilt or shame around taking time off.

And, that makes total sense – especially for those of us hailing from countries where the masculine dominated “2 weeks paid vacay/10 weeks maternity leave” business model reigns supreme.

But, as someone who tends to challenge the status quo and go against the grain, I’m ready to fully release that old belief system and create a more deeply aligned, feminine forward work ethic paradigm…

One where the new vacation time norm for my company will be as such:

1 month off in July, 1 month off in December and weeklong spring and fall breaks.

I know deep in my bones that this spacious schedule will allow me for to be a better mother, partner and leader – because I’ll have fresh and renewed energy to serve my community with, multiple times throughout the year.

I also know that this schedule, coupled with the 20 hour work week business model I implemented last year, will allow for the flow and expansion of my business to continue (last year I worked way less, yet had the most productive year in the history of this business – even in the midst of this pandemic, and with a wee babe in tow.)

This isn’t about canceling out the masculine energy in business – it’s SO necessary to take bold action, get shit done and bring visions to fruition.

This is about setting our businesses up to be more feminine forward…where joy, pleasure, creativity and receptivity lead the way.

I recognize that not all of you reading this are entrepreneurs, or are currently in the position at the present moment to take this much space and time off…

But, regardless of what you do or where you’re at on your entrepreneurial path, I invite you to get curious about what your ideal day/week/month/quarterly and yearly schedule looks like in the coming year, and begin to vision out what you might be able to shift to make it feel more in alignment with your goals, wishes, desires and dreams.

Cause life’s too damn short to work too damn hard, and your desired lifestyle is indeed within your reach.

Sending so much love your way and many well wishes for the coming year ahead,




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