How to get the most magic, medicine and restoration out of the winter season…

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Hello dear community, I hope to find you well and staying safe out there this holiday season. <3

Here’s a little throwback to when my sweet babe Q was 3 weeks old…

Now he’s pushing 70 weeks and this cocoon time moment feels like a lifetime away.

But what this photo has me thinking about is the importance of the inward turn – of honoring the slow down and the descent into the winter months.

While we usually resist it, the magic and the medicine of winter is here for us all – but ONLY if we give ourselves permission to actively rest, restore and replenish our reserves…

I’m about to go “dark” for three weeks for my bi-annual email + social media detox – so you’ll be hearing from me much less during this time (we’ll send a past Winter Solstice email for you to noodle on in two weeks, but other than that, we’ll be keeping quiet)… :)

I’m sooooo looking forward to this well deserved long winter’s nap!

And to more reading, journaling, baking, yoga, bodywork and the like so that I can cultivate the renewed and aligned energy to move into this new year of 2021 with grace!So I share this to invite you to join me in turning it off for a little bit this holiday season…

Ask yourself:

How much time would you like to go “dark” during this winter season?

How would you like to feel during the holidays?

What is the energy that you’d like to lead yourself, your family and your community with in the new year?

What are the things that are currently pulling away some of your precious energy, and what are the boundaries that you’d like to set around them so that you can experience the feelings and energy that you’re calling in above?

Dive freely into these inquiries, create the sacred space to tune into your wants/needs/desires and through creating this spaciousness and stillness you’ll cultivate the creativity needed to birth a powerful new cycle.

Wishing you a nourishing, restorative and healthy winter season, and a much sweeter new year ahead,

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