A profound old school gratitude practice, and Thanksgiving decolonization resources…

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Hello dear community,

The other night I was writing my dad and in laws gratitude letters inspired by the upcoming holiday…

I haven’t seen my pop who’s dealing with progressing Parkinson’s Disease in over a year due to this crazy pandemic – and it hurts my heart that he’s only seen my baby boy in person once at 6 weeks old (Quintin is now 15 months).

But the other night, as I was writing these letters, it was a really powerful reminder of the importance of slowing down, simplifying our lives and of taking stock of what we’re grateful for – even when dealing with challenges and hardships.

As frustrating as it’s been to not see my dad and our extended Midwestern families this year, this old school practice of letter writing helped me shine light on what I DO have and what I CAN be grateful for…

Things like having had the privilege to create sweet holiday memories together in years past, and the new school tool of FaceTime so that my dad can at least see my boy grow up in real time via video.

In addition to my dear family and friends, it also got me thinking of what I’m grateful for in terms of my business – which is sooo so much this year…

My incredible ABC team, the Unleash Your Impact course coming to fruition, my business growing to numbers it’s never reached before in the middle of a pandemic – and the ability to give back in greater ways to the causes I believe in via that increased revenue, and many of the change-making Unleashers making the empowered leap into my upcoming Uninhibited Mastermind.

There’s so much to be grateful for, so whether it be letter writing, journaling or the like, this is a potent time for reflection in this way – while still honoring the very real hardships of our current reality.

Also, I want to acknowledge that for many of us in the US, Thanksgiving is a family tradition, but for others it’s a harmful holiday.

If you’re wondering how you can observe this day while acknowledging it’s extremely complicated history, I recommend diving into these articles for further learning and exploring on how to decolonize Thanksgiving, and honor the Indigenous Peoples in your area:

The True, Indigenous History of Thanksgiving

All right dear community, that’s all for now…sending you love and well wishes – and deep gratitude for you being here, and being you,

p.s. a quick heads up that the majority of the spaces for the Uninhibited Mastermind are already spoken for by the womxn in last year’s offering who are continuing for another round or participants of Unleash Your Impact. We have just a few spaces left at the moment, so if you’d like to explore this high-level business expansion experience in further detail, go to to apply, and we’ll set up a time to chat in the coming weeks. <3

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