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Happy Halloween, Día De Los Muertos and Season of Samhain (pronounced Sow-in, and Gaelic for meaning “Summer’s End”) dear souls!

This is the time of year when the spirit and magic realms are thin – allowing for us to connect more deeply with our ancestors and the magic and mystery all around us.

It’s also a time of acknowledging the dying and completion of a year and honoring the inward turn.

And, while there’s oftentimes resistance to this spoke of the year’s cycle, death, closure, and shifting into hibernation creates the restoration needed to cultivate new beginnings for a new cycle ahead.

Here’s a beautiful quote that I so resonate with that has helped me to understand the value of this season:

“Descent into the dark is an inevitable and necessary part of the cycle. To resist the times and lessons of the darkness is to be in resistance to the whole cycle, because the whole cannot function without this part.” – Jane Meredith

This is also the time of year for us as business owners to complete any outstanding projects, release what needs to be released and begin creating space for sacred time off so that we can fully reap the benefits of this sacred hibernation period.


On Wednesday, the incredible womxn of my Soulstice Sisterhood Mastermind gathered to look at closing this year out with courage, focus and deep intention.

We dove deep into mapping out the remainder of the year, looked at what projects needed to be “tucked in” or completed, got clear about how we wanted to approach this restorative season, and explored rituals for creating a deep connection with ourselves and our home environments.

Here are a few Journaling Q’s and Ritual Ideas for you to do so as well:

  1. How would you energetically like to feel during this period of restoration and hibernation?
  2. What do you need to do to prepare yourself and your business, both on an inner and outer level, to fully reap the benefits of the inward turn? And what boundaries need to be put in place to make that happen?
  3. What elements of your business/projects need to be completed, released, put on hold or “tucked in” before the year’s end?
  4. If there is a winter project that wants to get focused on – what that might that be, when would you like for that to take place, and how specifically would you like to approach that project during the inward turn?
  5. How much time would you like to take off during this holiday season? And what needs to happen in order to take that time and space off?
  6. If you were to complete those pieces, put these boundaries in place, and fully turn inward during the dark months, what would positively shift for you in your life? What would open up for you in your business? What would have the chance to get activated at the beginning of the year?
  7. What aligned steps need to be put in place to really tuck in the projects you have going for the remainder of this year? – write all the steps/tasks down, and then break them down monthly, weekly, daily.
  8. What next right actions or rituals would you like to commit or devote yourself to during this period of the darkness?

Restorative Ritual Ideas to play with over the next few weeks:

  1. Create Your Hibernation Toolkit: Arm yourself and your personal space with your own at-home “hibernation toolkit”.*Examples of what to add into your kit: Candles + old tyme candle holders that you can use instead of electric lights, warm blankets, books + journals, bath salts, herbal tea blends, essential oils, meditation cushion, cozy clothing, food items for stew, soups, stocks…
  2. Create Your Samhain Altar: Honor your ancestors/ those who have transitioned over with candles, photos or another item that represents their loved ones.
  3. Create DIY Oracle Cards: With craft or construction paper, create oracle cards with your prayers, intentions and visions for this coming year and present them to your altar.

All right dear community! I hope you enjoy diving deep into these questions and rituals, and into this sacred restorative season…sending so much love, and wishing you all of the nourishment and restoration in the coming weeks and months that you deserve!


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