How to play FULL OUT and own your right to take up space…

Lead With Strength. Embody Your Truth. Spread The Love.

Hello, beautiful community!

Thanks so much again for going along for that Unleash Your Impact ride with me over the past couple of weeks – and a big warm welcome to all of you who are new to the Ashley Burnett & Co community. <3

We just completed Week 2 of the epic Unleash journey, and I’m SO digging the community and the new virtual container we’ve created.

I’ve been sharing with the Unleashers that both the excitement they’re feeling around starting something new is so normal – as well as the fear and resistance.

One of the common threads of resistance I hear from my clients (and that I just witnessed on our Unleash FB group yesterday) is around worthiness. 

Questions like: “Who am I to do this work? Will my community even want what I have to offer? Am I smart enough? Do I have enough credentials? frequently flood into the radar…

Which gets me thinking about the 3rd Queen Mindset of my recently released eBook, 11 Core Confidence Boosting Mindsets of an Uninhibited Business QUEEN – “Dare to play FULL OUT- without questioning your right to do so.”

If you haven’t already, you can sign up HERE to get your copy for free.

Here’s Queen mindset #3…

“An Uninhibited Queen sits tall on her throne while leading her community, and dares to occupy her fullness and PLAY FULL OUT – without questioning herself.”

She knows that when she thinks, dreams and acts big, she isn’t taking anything away from anyone else, but rather gets her community jazzed to PLAY BIG as well.

An Uninhibited Queen is a torchbearer and beacon of light for the folks she’s been called to serve, and doesn’t feel the need to shrink herself, or make herself smaller so as not to outshine others (this goes with her physical body too!).

She knows the key to changing the world is when we all radiate our light TOGETHER, and she supports her crew with seeing their own inherent value so that they can step fully into their Queen confidence too.”



Here’s the deal…

It is soooo so normal to experience resistance around taking up space. 

All sorts of feels can emerge around outshining, being too big or too much, taking the spotlight away from others, and not feeling smart enough to play full out.

All of this is so normal… 

And yet, it’s absolutely necessary and required of us to acknowledge these fears and doubts, work with them, and move through them with courage so that we can BE that torch-bearer and beacon of light for our community.

I’ve also gotta stand on my soapbox for a moment and debunk the old, crusty habitual belief around the need to shrink our physical bodies and continuing to buy into the ancient patriarchal model that all womxn’s bodies should look a certain way and be trim, tiny and tight. 

Let me tell you, when it comes to an Uninhibited Queen, this is absolutely NOT required! 

If your base weight set point is thin and trim, rock on babe, own it!

But if you’re someone like me with curves, cellulite, and voluptuous rolls, I believe it’s HIGH TIME for us to honor, and celebrate the softness, fullness, and strength of our unique and beautiful bodies!

Of course, with all the social conditioning we’ve experienced, this is easier said than done. 

But it’s absolutely possible for us to adopt a new mindset, and own what my friend and client Rachael Newman calls our “right-sizedness”, and to claim our absolute worthiness to take up space…

Here are a few journaling q’s and exercises for you to do just that…”


  1. What are the disempowering thoughts and beliefs I’ve been telling myself, about myself? 


  1. What are the pieces of resistance around taking up space and being seen that I am now committed to moving through?


  1. For each of these pieces of resistance, I invite you to create a powerful reframe and strongly state the opposite. I.e. If your concern is that you don’t know enough, state what it is that you know deep within your bones that you can fully own. If your resistance shows up in the form of wondering why your community would find value in your offerings, state why they would absolutely find value. 


  1. Feeling like we don’t know enough is a common fear (which is usually not true) and getting yet another credential is a way that many folx deal with that. And while I’m not trying to deter anyone away from extended study, I believe more importantly that your credentials is your passion, is your why, is your experience, and is your personal story… So ask yourself, what is my why? What is my passion? What is my experience in this area? And let your passion and mission BE your driving force to move you forward when these elements of fear and resistance come up.


  1. And please, please remember…you are SO worthy to be doing the work that you’re doing in the world. You are so worthy to take up this space. You are brilliant, you are bright, you are light. And the world SO needs what you have to offer and what you are here to create!


All right, beautiful woman, really wonderful work!

And, now I’d love to hear from you. What are you owning and claiming in terms of taking up space? Please share with our supportive community in the comments below. 

Thank you so much for being here, thank you so much for the contribution that you’re offering to the world. We absolutely NEED you to take up the fullness of your unique brilliance, and sending so much love your way!

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