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Hello beautiful people! 

The air has finally cleared in The Bay Area, and I was literally shedding tears of JOY while walking down the street with Quintin on Tue – was our first breath of fresh air in over a week.

That moment had me thinking about the 5th Queen Mindset of my newly released eBook, 11 Core Confidence  Boosting Mindsets of an Uninhibited Business QUEEN – “Live and Lead with Gratitude and Abundance.

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All right, so here’s Queen mindset #5…

“An Uninhibited Queen lives her life from a place of gratitude and abundance, rather than from a place of lack.”

Even when things aren’t going exactly the way she envisioned, she trusts the process and seeks out the silver lining.

It doesn’t mean that an Uninhibited Queen isn’t susceptible to falling into lack mentality (or feeling anger, frustration, worry etc.) – she’s human, after all!

However, she’s able to identify when she’s operating from a low vibe space and utilizes the tools she’s learned to gracefully move herself out of that space.

I.e., she focuses on what she HAS accomplished, rather than what she hasn’t, and gives herself permission to celebrate both small and BIG wins.”

Let’s get REAL here…2020 doesn’t look anything what we thought it would amirite?

And it can feel challenging to lead our lives from a place of gratitude when things aren’t going the way we envisioned and everything feels like it’s falling apart – especially during these Covid times.

It’s SO easy for us to look at what’s not working, what we don’t have, what we didn’t get done or didn’t get to do.

And oftentimes we climb a mountain, and start climbing up another peak without fully taking in the present view.

But as we move closer towards the season of Autumn – the time of year that’s all about celebration and the fullness of the harvest, we ALL deserve to be in gratitude.

This is about shifting your mindset by pausing to give thanks for your life, your body, what you’ve accomplished, and for those who’ve supported you in getting to where you are today – even
when times feel tough.

And this practice has the capacity to bring in more abundance, flow and JOY in your business too…

Here are some of my favorite journaling questions that I just took my Soulstice Sisterhood Mastermind participants through to support you in getting you into a place of gratitude and abundance, rather than a place of lack.

Gratitude Journaling Questions:

1. What are you currently harvesting, celebrating or in gratitude of as we move into the season of autumn?

2. What have you achieved this year (or are on track to achieve) that you’ve set out to do? Write down even the
achievements that didn’t look exactly like you thought they would…

3. What have you received? Even unexpected gifts that may have gone unnoticed.

4. What are you in deep celebration and gratitude of in terms of your harvest? What’s working what’s, thriving, what do you want to keep going with?

5. Are you satisfied with your harvest this time around? What could have been done differently to more deeply align with your vision and dreams?

6. What’s something that hasn’t yet come to fruition that you’d like to call in for the remainder of this year?

7. What actions or rituals would you like to create to get the most out of this harvest period and to manifest the remainder of your 2020 goals?

All right, beautiful woman, really wonderful work!

And remember, this is not about being positive all the time or not feeling our feelings – this is about shifting our energy into a more receptive and abundant space, especially if we’ve been down in the dumps for some time.

This practice was SUPER useful for me last week when I was locked inside my house, not able to go spend time in nature, my happy place!

It helped me shift some of the poor moods I was in, swiftly, and to
remember to be in gratitude of what I have…which is sooo much.

And, now I’d love to hear from you. What are you celebrating and in gratitude of during this fall season? Please share with our supportive community in the comments below.

I look forward to hearing from you, and sending so much gratitude for your being here, and being you!



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