Empowered summer actions for sustainable business and activism…

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I gotta speak for a minute about the importance of vacation, social media detoxes, and “blank space” (unplanned space in your calendar) – ESPECIALLY for you fellow Fempreneurs out there.

As entrepreneurs, we don’t have vacation days inherently built into our businesses…

We have to create that intentional space and make that shit happen for ourselves!

It’s WAY too easy to keep working, pushing hard and taking action, and neglect creating that sacred self-care space for ourselves to rest and replenish so that we have sustainable energy to give to our causes.

But when we give ourselves permission to turn it off for a moment – and I don’t just mean switching locations and being connected to the hip to our iPhones – I mean really, turn it off…that’s when the magic happens.


  1. Find time in your calendar this summer (even if for just a long weekend) where you can tune out of your business and prioritize some well-deserved vacation time.
  2. Set a loving boundary around checking email, social media, text messages, and calls during your vacay, and let your community know upfront that you’ll be going offline.
  3. Switch the posting and scrolling, for a paperback, and more present moments with your partner, your kiddos, mama nature, and your sweet ass self.

When we give ourselves permission to do this periodically throughout the year, our focus, creativity, and productivity soars.

And, I fully believe that this is imperative for activists as well…so that we can have a fresh and sustainable energy in which to fight the good fight!

Because I gave myself permission to turn it off last week, I’ve had some of the clearest “downloads” come into my radar about my business than I’ve had in months.

I have fresh energy to give to my community and the causes I stand for. 

I feel STOKED to create new and exciting projects. 

And I feel like a better and clearer version of myself.

If that summer vacay (and I know it’s not vacation as normal this year…but we CAN get creative here people!) or “blank space” is not already determined for you this summer, take a moment NOW to figure it out and give yourself that gift.

YOU KNOW it’ll do your mind, body and soul, your family, and the entire trajectory of your business babe some massive good.

Would love to hear what you’re cooking up for your creative 2020 vacations this summer…please feel free to hit reply or share in the comments!

With so much love and in service,


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